10 tips to reduce cart abandonment rate and improve your conversion rates

One of the biggest struggle of an online store is losing customers and at the same time revenue. In today’s post we would like to give you some valuable tips on how to reduce cart abandonment. But first let’s clarify what is a shopping cart abandonment. Shopping cart abandonment is a phenomenon where a customer adds products to their cart without making any purchase. A high cart abandonment rate indicates that there are some issues in your checkout process or experience.

1. Don’t use long or confusing checkout process

Shoppers want to finish the purchase as soon as possible. A complicated checkout process with multiple forms can create frustrations and will slow your customers down. They will not only abandon their current checkout process unfortunately they will never purchasing on your site again.

2. Be clear about shipping costs

Customers find out about their shipping cost after they enter their shipping information on the checkout page. It’s high chance of cart abandonment if they find additional charges they didn’t anticipate. They will reevaluate their purchase ones they find out about these extra fees. Make sure to let them know about all you shipping costs in time.

3. Offer free shipping

Free shipping is one of the most effective way to reduce cart abandonment. If it’s possible offer free shipping even if the shipping fee is more than the cost of the product itself and make sure to mention it on your product pages or on your checkout page. This creates a huge psychological difference when your customer are passing through your checkout process.

4. Don’t as mandatory account creation

Requiring your customers to create an account before finishing the checkout it’s an unnecessary process. Adds an extra step to the checkout flow and slows down the order completion process.

5. Provide the delivery time

Shipping times can play a big part when customers are deciding whether to buy or not. One reason for abandonment is that online store don’t provide a clear time frame regarding the delivery. Show the shipping time on your product page even if it’s an estimated time frame.

6. Offer help with live chat

Help your customers if they are stuck during the checkout process. Make sure that your stuff is ready to find items or answer questions if needed. Use live chat like Meta Messenger or Tawk.ro

7. Display security trust marks

Some customers worry about the security of their data when they purchase online. Displaying security trust marks in the checkout page can help to improve customer confidence even if your customers are not familiar with your brand.

8. Offer multiple payment solutions

10% of online shoppers tend to abandon their carts because the online store doesn’t provide their preferred payment solutions. Some people prefer PayPal but many prefer to pay via credit cards. It’s a good practice to offer a mix of payment solutions so the customer decides which one they will use.

9. Use Exit-intent popups

Exit-intent popups it’s a useful trick when you realize that the visitor, a possible customer, it’s about to leave your web page. When they drag the mouse out from your online store you can activate an exit intent popup with an offer they cannot refuse. Make sure to put the popup on every page of your store to make sure that reduce the cart abandonment.

Provide a clear refund and return policy

Return and refund policies should be a default option on every existent online store. Make your return policy visible on every page of your website and on the checkout process as well. Beside informing your customer this will give them peace of mind to complete the order.


So grab this tips and use them on your online store to drastically reduce the cart abandonment. Remember that abandoned purchases don’t mean that your sale is lost. You can always re-target your lost prospects via email but we will get back to this in an new post.

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