20+ Free Online Logo Maker Platforms

Your company logo is the first impression that your customers will have regarding your business. A good and catchy logo can provide a professional look and build loyalty. Before starting to create your company logo write down in one-sentence the mission of your company and based on this start to create sketches. If it helps look at the logos of other players in your industry. Keep in mind that your goal is to create a clean and catchy logo that will look good on your business card and on the side of your car as well. Let’s see a few platforms where you can easily create your logo.


Tailor Brands

With Tailor Brand’s online platform you can create from logo design to presentations, and even entire brands.



The logo maker for startups, professionals and small businesses.


Free Logo Design

The fastest and easiest way to create free logos online!


Logo Crisp

In 3 simple steps and just 2 minutes you can make & download your own logo design



Create your logo for free by searching over 1 million graphics


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