5 eggcelent tips to boost Easter sales

Easter is almost here but you don’t have to panic. It’s never too late to make some preparations in order to increase sales during the holiday. These marketing tips will help you keep your customers engaged and boost sales and will also bring you new customers as well. I bet that you will find some tips that you never used. Let’s get started.

1. Give examples on how to use your products with Easter activities

Most people, especially stay-at-home moms, enjoy being creative around holidays. They will make Easter baskets, Easter gifts and they will decorate the house to get into the holiday spirit. Be creative and find a way to give examples on how to integrate your product with Easter activities. Make a blog post about this, run a contest where your customers can win a product or give discount for products that you think will fit into the holiday activities. For example if you are making jewelry, give a discount on bunny related products so people can give them as a gift. Be creative and use Easter related discount codes. For example BunnyEars2018. Create DIY (do-it-yourself) videos, including your products, and post it on your social media accounts. Moms will look for inspiration and ideas so a good video will get their attention.


2. Partner up with other businesses

Customers are always looking to give something special, something different as a gift. Partner up with other business and add value to your products. For example if you are selling chocolate, partner up with a business that is selling bunny toys and offer combined products at a competitive price. This will help you not only boost your sales but will help you build business relationships which can be useful on other holidays or events as well.


3. Create urgency

The feeling of missing out can be very strong and creates an urge for buying. Use Soldigo’s Discount popup app and create Time-driven popups. When a visitor has spent a certain amount of time in your store, you can safely assume that they’re interested in what they see. You can use that knowledge to show them a popup with a deal they can’t refuse. They will have the feeling that if they don’t take an action Now they will miss out on this opportunity.


4. Sponsor Easter egg hunting

The egg hunting is the most popular activity during Easter. You can sponsor egg hunting in kinder-gardens by giving them chocolate eggs or candies which will give you an advertising opportunity. But think out of the box and sponsor Easter egg hunting at companies and corporations. Partner up with them and place plastic eggs around their offices. Make sure that the eggs will contain special prizes or discount codes which can be claimed in your online store. By doing so you can advertise your store and you can boost your sales after Easter as well. Be creative and find other redeemable promotional materials that can be added to the eggs. Have fun.

5. Cross-promotion

Easter is a great cross-promotion opportunity. Use Soldigo’s Product recommendations app to make it easy for your buyers to find products to complete the product they just purchased. You can associate products so your buyers can easily find the products that match the product they are intending to buy. For example if you are selling jewelry make sure that you associate your bunny earrings with a pair of necklaces. This way you will sell a necklace as well which is not exactly an Easter related product.

I hope that the above mentioned tips will help you boost your sales. Be helpful and share it with other sellers as well. Sharing is caring. HAPPY EASTER!



Zsolt Mathe is the Founder of Soldigo and he'll be sharing tips on Soldigo usage, strategies and tips for running a successful online shop that he's experienced during his 10+ years in web development. Beside web developing, he is an active volunteer for a number of green organizations and he's passionate about basketball and everything IT.

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