7 ideas to help you increase your sales this Christmas

Christmas is almost here but it’s never too late to start preparing your business. It’s time to have your marketing plan prepared, finalized, and start to take full advantage of this period. To help you with this we gathered a few top-selling tips that will help you increase your sales this Christmas.

1. Give visitors gift ideas based on product type

One of the best ways to give your visitors gift ideas to create product suggestions based on age, gender on your social media. The idea is to provide as much information as you can about whom this product is for.

2. Encourage the purchase of gift cards

More and more online stores are beginning to offer digital gift cards since they are an incredibly easy way to encourage last-minute shoppers to purchase. One of the easiest ways to create gift cards is to simply create a product that can be purchased from your store as a card but don’t forget to ask for the contact info of the beneficiary.

3. Customize your packaging

Product packaging is the only thing that surely reaches your customers. Wish your customer Merry Christmas on your product packages and create a sense of ‘exclusivity’ around your product.

4. Create gift sets

If you have a number of products that complement each other create a gift set and sell them as a single product for a discounted price. Make it clear how much your visitors will be saving by purchasing the set.

5. Team up with another business

If you don’t have products that complement each other search for other businesses that have products that complement yours and vice versa. Team up with them and create gift sets together. This way you can reach more buyers since you are selling in two online stores already.

6. Work with a charity

This Christmas team up with an association and offer a portion of your revenue for charity. Besides doing something good for the world, charity is a great way to spread more brand awareness.

7. After Christmas sales

Think of those who didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas and create after Christmas sales. After Christmas usually people are happy, relaxing with their family while passing their time on their phone.



Biborka Mathe is the Community Manager and Support of Soldigo and she'll be sharing valuable tips and tricks on how to address and convert customers that originates from her 3+ years in project management and customer acquisition. Art lover and foodie at heart, she is passionate about painting, fashion and puppies.

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