8 spooktakular ideas to boost your Halloween sales

8 spooktakular ideas to boost your Halloween sales

Halloween it’s around the corner and it’s time for you to shape up your store. Over the years we published a lot of great articles on how to boost you sales on Halloween. In this post we collected the most spooktakular ideas so you can implement it. So let’s see them.

Use Halloween themed bags when shipping products

Next to your brand name and logo, print some Halloween themed pics or illustration on the bags that you use to ship your products. This will be a fun way to celebrate Halloween and an easy way to promote awareness for your brand.

Give some spooky gifts to every order

Surprise your customers and give them a spooky gift for every order. It can be any kind of small item like a pumpkin or cookie ghost or a small toy spider, etc.

Create a frightening and funny video about your products

Grab people’s attention by creating a frightening and funny video about your brand or products. If your video will go viral you will have achieved a cheap way to advertise your brand.

Offer a dress-up discount contest on social media

Another great way to increase traffic to your social media is by offering a discount to anyone who posts a photo about themselves in costume. This will not only generate sales but will also create an opportunity for user-generated content.

Spookify the design of your store

You need to put your visitors in a certain mood to feel the Halloween vibe. Let them know that you have a special Halloween sales by adding a “Halloween feel” to you store. Pumpkins, spiders, webs, skeletons, you name it. You can even change the whole design but we don’t recommend to change too much since it’s only for a few days and maybe it will be a little bit confusing for your returning customers.

Start a blog with Halloween topics

It can be a good traffic booster to start writing seasonal blog posts about Halloween. People are looking for inspiration on how to decorate their houses for Halloween, what costume to wear for a Halloween party, they are looking for Halloween recipes, etc. so don’t be shy and let your imagination run wild.

Run Halloween promotions

As we all know any holiday is a good excuse to offer a special deal. People are in the mood for spending so offer them large discounts, amazing coupons or free shipping. To get a higher conversion rate, add urgency to your promotions. Use terms like: only today, limited stock, etc.

“Halloweenize” your products

You don’t need to sell Halloween costumes to get a good deal during this holiday. For example if you are selling t-shirt, make a few ones with Halloween themes, if you are selling gym season tickets give a pumpkin protein bar with every ticket, etc.

Offer a hashtag contest

Create a dedicated hashtag for your customers and ask them to post on social media about how they use your product this Halloween.

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