A great product picture is worth a thousand words

There is no question that your product pictures are the utmost important part of your Shoptsie web store. Period. People are visual beings, so pictures capture and keep their attention and prolongs their visit duration, meaning they are more likely to fall in love with your products and want to buy them.

Every shopping trip includes touching and holding the product so you can get the feel of their texture, material, weight, size, etc. Your customers don’t have the chance to actually hold your products so give them the next best thing and take pictures that are detailed and of good quality so they can see clearly if it is a velvet shoe or a leather bracelet. Different textures make for awesome images!

You might be thinking you are not a professional photographer but good news is, you don’t have to be! You don’t even have to have a camera to take pictures, all you need is a phone and you are good to go! There is no recipe for taking photos of your products so you can’t really go wrong. Be creative, follow our tips below and amaze your customers:

  • think about your product and its functionality. Try to present your product in its “natural habitat”. If you are selling bikes, you might want to take pictures outdoors, in the nature, with a great green background, or even pictures where a family or smiling people are having fun riding the bikes. Seeing pictures in nature might get your customers to think about the good times when they used to hang out with their friends and family and they will want to experience that again. Try to link good vibes to your products and take pictures accordingly. Similarly, if you are selling soaps or beauty products, you might want to take pictures indoors, where it is likely to use soaps and shampoo. Remember, it’s not about the product itself but rather about its use.
  • Filters. Some filters are crazy fun and can really elevate the mood of a picture. However, don’t overdo it or your customers will get a sense of being mislead, especially if they can’t see the actual color through the blur and gradation. Our advice is to keep you photos “clean” and filter-free just to reflect the little flaws and imperfections of your handmade artisan products- they make them special and one of a kind!
  • When trying to decide on the background, think in terms of contrast. A red bike will jump off a green background photo and will get attention immediately. If you are selling silver jewelry, a dark background would be the perfect contrast to make your product pop. If your product is a colorful glove, keep the background simple. If your product is an orange sofa, a patterned wallpaper will be the best fit. Always think in contrast. A white background surrounding a white product will seem to be swallowing it and it will be hard to see the outline and color of the product. The background is meant to complement and to compliment your products, not to distract attention from what is really important.
  • Product pictures should reflect the mood and feel of your products. If you are selling essential oil soaps, a bouquet of lavenders might be a great choice for picture concept; if your products are high-end yellow ties, photograph them against dark suits to complete the look. Your products should be the best indication of where and how they can be used, so let them guide you.
  • Ratio. The product-background ration should be balanced, your primary concern is the product obviously, so don’t lose it to a huge background if you take a picture from afar: a small product with a big background is almost always too hard to figure out and your visitors will lose focus. Take pictures that zoom in on your products and show them completely- never crop off parts of the product either.
  • Natural light. Don’t take pictures in the evening, at the light of your lamp, this may alter the colors of your products and it’s not a very appealing look. Try to schedule your taking pictures when it’s natural light, this way you don’t need to use the flash.




Biborka Mathe is the Community Manager and Support of Soldigo and she'll be sharing valuable tips and tricks on how to address and convert customers that originates from her 3+ years in project management and customer acquisition. Art lover and foodie at heart, she is passionate about painting, fashion and puppies.

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