Discover OVERknits and find out why bigger is better!

Bigger is better! Let’s take a walk in the labyrinth of fluffy giant yarn and vibrant colours that coil into perfectly knitted oversized blankets, hats, shawls, pillows, balls and so so much more. We interviewed Ágnes, the creator and founder of OVERknits, and she told us all about how her love for handcrafting paired with an outlet for her creative energies came together in a business that produces comfy items that delights everyone.

Let’s read the 3D printing story of Print3D Manufacturing!

Let’s step into the world of endless possibilities and infinite creation! That is the world of 3D printing, where traditional shapes blend with modern sizes to form a variety of printed items that suit even the most demanding of customers. We had a virtual sit down with Zsolt, the creator of a 3D printer, and he told us all about the machine’s parts and principle of functioning along with some of the challenges that come with venturing out alone and starting a business all the way to his tricks of meeting customers’ needs and keeping them coming back for more.

Meet Anna and her Annás kertje!

Rainbow colored yarn, intricate crochet designs and knit patterns all in one place – Annás kertje. Come take a walk with us in Anna’s garden of plants that provide mesmerizing colors to yarn that connects us to nature’s miracle and endless resource for creativity. Read our interview with Anna here:
My name is Anna Szöllősi, I’m 45 and I’m the mother of two teenagers, I’m also lover of yarn and color, and the owner of Annás kertje online store…

Get your store Halloween-ready!

Halloween is soon approaching and you should make the most of it to benefit your Soldigo store as this is a great opportunity for you to increase sales and boost your brand! Our list includes tips on how to beautify your store just in time for Halloween as well as a few ideas to be business-savvy and smart this time of the year (too)!
First and foremost, make sure you …