Get your store Halloween-ready!

Halloween is soon approaching and you should make the most of it to benefit your Soldigo store as this is a great opportunity for you to increase sales and boost your brand! Our list includes tips on how to beautify your store just in time for Halloween as well as a few ideas to be business-savvy and smart this time of the year (too)!
First and foremost, make sure you …

Need a logo? Canva to the rescue!

As a small business, it is extremely important for you to differentiate yourself from other brands and other makers. You want people to recognize your products and that is why you need to have a brand logo. Before you start thinking of all the expenses this might mean, we have good news. Try Canva, a graphic design platform you can use online and for free. And the best thing about it is that you can create your brand’s logo with the help of Canva.

Use Pinterest to full effect!

Pinterest is a search engine and a social media all wrapped into one, and it greatly combines the advantages of both of these two things. It is an incredibly popular social media and we believe it to be a visual delight and an endless source of inspiration as well. It is a must-have tool when trying to sell online, so get on board and make the most of it!
Let’s see why you should use it to boost your online store…

Top FAQ no 5. How will the orders be shipped to the buyer’s address?

Find out all there is to know about shipping your products to your buyers. First and foremost, you need to be using the Shipping Application in order to be able to ship your lovely products. You can add shipping fees by using our Shipping options app and you can add as many shipping methods as you like. The app is designed to allow you to add shipping options for example your local post service, a courier service and other methods as well.

Top FAQ no 1.: What is the benefit of selling online?

Selling online has a number of substantial benefits that we will discuss along the article, so let’s start with the biggest competitive advantage of it all! One of the greatest benefits of selling online is that instead of targeting only local buyers, online targets worldwide. Everyone can be your customer if they find you online. That is great news if you want to grow your brand, your pool of customers along with your sales. Dare to think big!