Do your customers find you relatable?

When starting your e-commerce journey and opening your very own online store, there are a number of things you need to do in order to nail your start, from taking quality product images to uploading your logo to writing catchy product descriptions and choosing a template that presents your products in the most advantageous way possible. However, apart from these things, there is one extremely overlooked aspect of being an online store owner, and that is being human. Yes, you read it right, being human. Find out more…

Instagram brings you instant sales!

Instagram is a very trendy and sought after social networking site and its benefits are obvious: connecting with friends, share pictures and videos of your favourite pastimes and hobbies, chat, comment and like the best posts of your friends, family and the entire Insta-community.
However, Instagram’s potential doesn’t stop there! Use it smartly and see your following grow and your products bought.

Top FAQ no 1.: What is the benefit of selling online?

Selling online has a number of substantial benefits that we will discuss along the article, so let’s start with the biggest competitive advantage of it all! One of the greatest benefits of selling online is that instead of targeting only local buyers, online targets worldwide. Everyone can be your customer if they find you online. That is great news if you want to grow your brand, your pool of customers along with your sales. Dare to think big!

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