Meet Anna and her Annás kertje!

Rainbow colored yarn, intricate crochet designs and knit patterns all in one place – Annás kertje. Come take a walk with us in Anna’s garden of plants that provide mesmerizing colors to yarn that connects us to nature’s miracle and endless resource for creativity. Read our interview with Anna here:
My name is Anna Szöllősi, I’m 45 and I’m the mother of two teenagers, I’m also lover of yarn and color, and the owner of Annás kertje online store…

Let’s meet the artist behind the “Gândul de lemn”

We had a virtual sitdown with I. D. David who shared his passion of working with wood and explained the importance of elevating products into something that are so much more by telling a story and by engaging people: “Your motivation to go on appears over time: you understand your calling. That gets you through the difficulties and helps you to resolve the hardships you may encounter.”

Read our interview with CherryBee Boutique!

Let’s get to know the gorgeous CherryBee Boutique! We had a virtual meeting with Debbee, the creator of the store and of the products and she answered to our interview questions. Read her story here:
What is the story behind your store?
“In Spring of 2012, I was looking for a new outlet for my jewellery. Lying awake one night, unable to get back to sleep, I decided to use the time to daydream…

Let’s get to know the Precious Elements!

Can you think of anything more stunning than carefully arranged details that make you think of spring and playfulness and Wonderland, all at the same time?
We had a virtual sit-down with Ecaterina and she told us all about how she started transforming her creative dream into reality by creating elaborate decorations that can beautify any home and any special occasion. The key, she said, is to love what you do and that passion will shine through in the products as well.
Let’s read her story and let’s take a look at her Precious Elements that are truly breathtaking!