Let’s get to know the Precious Elements!

Can you think of anything more stunning than carefully arranged details that make you think of spring and playfulness and Wonderland, all at the same time?
We had a virtual sit-down with Ecaterina and she told us all about how she started transforming her creative dream into reality by creating elaborate decorations that can beautify any home and any special occasion. The key, she said, is to love what you do and that passion will shine through in the products as well.
Let’s read her story and let’s take a look at her Precious Elements that are truly breathtaking!

Discover the magic of Petite Magique!

Can we take a moment to indulge in the scented coconut body butters, honey soaps, pulse perfumes, rich shea butters, Argan beauty elixirs and so so much more?
Read our interview with Orsi, the owner of Petite Magique and find out how she turned her curiosity into her hobby and then into business, bringing joy to everyone who needs some well-deserved quality skincare and beauty routine with her tiny bits of magic.

Meet the Rosie Toes Shoes!

Dotted Daisy, Cinnamon Suede, Gold Periwinkle and Velvet Black Dahlia are just a few of the amazing shoe creations you can find in the Rosie Toes Shoes webshop at Shoptsie. We had the chance to have a virtual sitdown with the person behind these gorgeous products so let’s get to know Inge, the artist behind the delightful Rosie Toes Shoes.

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