E-commerce efficiency is no secret

Selling online efficiently shouldn’t be a secret. Wanna sell efficiently? Follow our go-to tips and see your sales increase along with your customer pool.

  • Don’t leave room for questions or uncertainties. The visitors should have all their questions answered on spot regarding product features and functions, its price, and the payment options including shipping. The harder these processes are, the less likely it is they will actually go through with the purchase.
  • Be available. Naming your store is not enough to create a connection. Create an “About me” page where you mention your name, email address and phone number. Visitors will see that you are a real person not just a random store and they could contact you, if need be.
  • Marketing. Having an online store in itself is not enough for having sales. Promote your store on all and every possible platform, social media and such. Once your Shoptsie store is ready, create profiles for it on every possible social platforms and post constantly, ideally your posts should contain interesting information for your potential buyers.
  • Be irresistible! Offer discounts for certain amounts of purchase or organise offers around special dates, days or occasions. Who could resist an Easter sale or a Halloween sale? You could also offer free shipping for orders that surpass a certain price or come up with gift-packaging for products that are meant to be gifted to a loved one.
  • Be transparent. When coming up with a product description, phrase your sentences based on common sense and general transparency. You don’t want your visitors to frown while trying to guess what a technical word might mean. Skip the complex expressions and field-specific terms and be unambiguous.
  • Once you upload a product onto your web store, this means that you are prepared for that product to be ordered 5 or 10 at a time, if that is the case. Don’t disappoint your buyers by telling them you had 2 products and they are all sold out. Prepare your stock. If you have unique products, mention that in the description of the product, this also means two things: on the one hand, that it is unique and no one else will have that and that they should hurry to get it before someone else will. Creating urgency is a great method of boosting sales and boosting “slow” customers.
  • Be willing and helpful. If your customers have questions, reply to them as soon as you possibly can and always be polite in your emails or phone conversations as these little details can make or break a purchase. One happy customer leads to a number of happy customers, so take the time and patiently explain the issues at hand ( even if you have to do it 15 times in a row). Remember, patience, dedication and commitment equal satisfied clients.
  • Be professional. Your visitors need to see that your online store is professional and that every piece and every last detail of it had a lot of thought invested into it. Apart from professional pictures, well-put-together product descriptions, don’t neglect the banners, the shop’s seasonal decoration and the logo. Make sure there are no expired offers whose deadline expired a while ago. Keep your web store up to date and keep your customers happy 🙂


Biborka Mathe is the Community Manager and Support of Soldigo and she'll be sharing valuable tips and tricks on how to address and convert customers that originates from her 3+ years in project management and customer acquisition. Art lover and foodie at heart, she is passionate about painting, fashion and puppies.

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