Easter E-commerce Tips

Easter E-commerce Tips

Easter is one of the most profitable holidays of the year and with the holiday right around the corner it’s time for you to prepare. Below you can find a few trends that can help you build a profitable Easter marketing strategy.

Implement local strategies

People have different Easter traditions across the world. For example the most popular tradition is Egg hunting or in some countries parents give their children Easter baskets filled with toys and chocolate eggs. Know your audience, their traditions and tailor your Easter marketing strategy accordingly.

Organize an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts bring out the child in everyone. Create your digital Easter egg hunt by hiding “eggs” in your products description, images and on your social media. Send a newsletter or post on social media and let your customers know about it. Reward those who find the “eggs” with a discount code or a gift card. It’s a fun and a creative way to boost your sales.

Use clever discount codes

It’s a common practice in e-commerce marketing strategies to give discounts during holidays. Stand out from the crowd and use funny and creative discount codes. For example: Egg-tastic, Eggstraordinary, Egg-citing, etc. Using these words in your ads will make your audience engaged.

Create Easter urgency

Everyone uses sense of urgency as a marketing strategy during Black Friday or Christmas. Why not use it on Easter as well? Create a one-day sale and put a countdown timer on your online store. Send an email campaign and as soon as a visitor arrives on your website, they will get the feeling of urgency of time passing.

These tactics are a good way to boost your Easter sales but we are sure that you have other creative and attention-grabbing tactics. Share them with us and help fellow online store owners make the most of this beautiful holiday.

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