Find out why Every Picture Has A Story To Tell!

Meet Christine Sawvell, the owner of “Because Every Picture Has A Story To Tell” and read her story about her lovely products!

What is the story behind your store?

I have always loved pictures and one day when looking at some with a friend she asked me “What is the Story behind this one?” There is something to say about EVERY photo you have, BECAUSE EVERY PICTURE HAS A STORY TO TELL!

Why did you decide to start your own business? What did you do before you started the shop? Are you doing it full time? If not, what else do you do?

I started selling things and opened my store because I wanted to share things that I myself LOVE to work with and not everyone has the ability to find those items. What started out as a hobby has turned into both work and a hobby now!

BeFunky Collageok

Do you have a favourite product at the moment?

My favorite items are Gorjuss Girls and Prima Products currently. The Gorjuss Girls are just too cute to pass up and Prima makes the most BEAUTIFUL lines of papers and flowers that just make EVERYTHING you like to create more beautiful!

What were the challenges you had to face in your business’ early phase? What has kept you motivated?

It seems everyone sells , There is competition out there for sure. I take pride in my customer service and the fact that I also give a bit of education via periscope and Facebook to help show people how to use the items in my store! Once you show people how to use a product to create something and they see how easy it is they want it as well!

What keeps me motivated is seeing how other people use the products they get and the joy they find in creating with them!

How long did it take before you started having customers? What did you do to acquire and to keep customers?

My customers came quickly simply by using social media and posting my items and the links to the store!


What do you think of the service that Shoptsie offers and what is your general impression of Shoptsie? Would you recommend Shoptsie to others?

I have tried a few different stores before finding Shoptsie. Shoptsie has been the easiest store in regards to adding products and keeping track of things than ANY site I have found. I am not very computer “savy” so posting links and codes to list a product was too hard and time consuming for me! I found with Shoptsie all I had to know is how to save a photo to my computer and add it to the store, easy! Also the value can’t be beaten for sure!


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