GDPR is on the way

As we already mentioned in our “General Data Protection Regulation and The Free Soldigo Plan” blog the GDPR comes into effect in the European Union starting May 25th.

What is GDPR?
GDPR is an acronym for the General Data Protection Regulation. The purpose of the GDPR is to protect user data, and to ensure that users located in the European Union are in control of their personal data by allowing users to easily opt-out and remove their personal data.



We, at Soldigo, take data privacy and security very seriously, not just for our own customers but for yours as well. We have now completed both our legal and technical audits and we have updated our Privacy Policy and Terms and conditions. Our privacy policy updates will give you more clarity and control over how we collect and use your personal data when delivering our services. If you use the Soldigo Dashboard, you will be asked to confirm acceptance of our new Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy the next time you sign in.

Where can you export or delete your personal data?
You can export or delete you personal data on your Soldigo Dashboard. By accessing the Settings / Profile menu you can export your data and by cancelling your store on the Settings / Cancel account menu you can delete your data stored by us.

How should you prepare your store to comply with GDPR?
The easiest way to prepare your store to meet the requirements formulated in the GDPR is to consult a specialist or a lawyer. They can give you a full review on what exactly you should include in your legal document and we are sure that they will be more than happy to assist you to create your GDPR compliant Privacy policy and Terms and conditions. There are a few online resources, like TermsFeed, that can help you in generating the above mentioned documents but we recommend that first you should definitely consult a lawyer.

What information do you collect?
We made a list of the data which you are collecting from your customers and website visitors in order for you to be able to give this list to your lawyer when creating your GDPR compliant legal document. You are collecting the following data:
– data obtained from orders
– data obtained from your store visits
– data obtained from subscribers to your newsletter
– data obtained from reviews on your store
– data obtained from subscribers to other services

From orders
Data obtained from orders are name, email address, phone number, shipping and billing address (postal address, country, county, city and zip code). These data are collected by you and stored by Soldigo and they are used for shipping and bookkeeping purposes. When the order is not completed, these data are used by Soldigo apps like “Recover abandoned cart” and “Save my cart” in order to help you, as a Soldigo store owner, to increase your sales.

From store visits
These data are collected and stored by third party services and usually include the IP addresses of the customers but they might include other data as well. In order to find out exactly what data it is,it is better to take a look at the general policy of the third party service. Stores created via Soldigo can use the following third party service:, Smartlook, Albacross, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Remarketing, Google Tag Manager, Yotpo

From subscribers to your newsletter
The visitor or the customer of you store has the possibility to subscribe to your newsletter. They usually subscribe with their email address and these email addresses are collected and stored by third party services. These services might collect other data as well and in order to find out what data, please take a look at the general policy of the service. As a Soldigo store owner, you can use the following third party service to gain newsletter subscriptions: Mailchimp and Sumo.

From reviews on your store
You store’s visitors have the possibility to leave a review about one of your products if you are using the third party service called YotPo. In order to leave a review, your customer will need to register to YotPo which means that at least their email address will be collected and stored by YotPo. In order to find out what other data might be collected by YotPo, please read their general policy.

From subscribers to other services
When a product in your store is out of stock, your customer can subscribe to a waiting list to be notified when the product is available for purchase again. They can subscribe with their email address which is collected via your store and stored by Soldigo. The app which uses this feature is the “Back in stock” app.

How can your customers or visitors export or delete their data?
Your customers or visitors can export or delete their data by accessing the “Manage personal data” menu located at the bottom of your store. Here they can give the email address used when purchasing from you or when subscribing to other services (for example the “Back in stock” reminder). By doing so they will get an email with a password and a link where they manage their data collected via your store. By accessing the link and singing in with the received password, they can export or delete their data.

We are dealing with everything regarding the technical aspects of your store for the GDPR but the rest is up to you. Please take the GDPR seriously since the fines are up to 20 million euros or 4% of your turnover.


Zsolt Mathe is the Founder of Soldigo and he'll be sharing tips on Soldigo usage, strategies and tips for running a successful online shop that he's experienced during his 10+ years in web development. Beside web developing, he is an active volunteer for a number of green organizations and he's passionate about basketball and everything IT.

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