How to increase holiday sales this season

How to increase holiday sales this season

Holiday shopping is almost here and you want to reach out to your customers. In this article, we will go over some of the best ways to make sure your holiday marketing strategy is on track and how to increase holiday sales this season.

Sell across channels to find new customers

Multichannel e-commerce is an approach to selling your products through multiple channels including your online store, social media platforms, marketplaces, etc. But the good new is that you don’t need to be on every social platform or marketplace to succeed. Create your ideal customer profile and search where exactly your customers are shopping. List your product there and see the magic happening. With Soldigo you can list your products on more then 80 marketplaces worldwide, on Google Shopping and on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Use cross-selling

Finding and acquiring new customers is more expensive than keeping current ones. This is why cross-selling is a great way to increase your sales. Cross-selling is when you suggest a complementary product which add value to the product that is currently in the shopping cart. Soldigo offers two ways to achieve cross-selling: by automatically adding a “related products” to every product on your store or by using the “Product recommendations” app with which you can add complementary products to your products.

Create a sense of urgency

Create a sense of urgency with countdowns. Countdowns forces customers brains to want to take advantage of the discount before it’s gone. With Soldigo you can create sense of urgency in two ways: using the “Hello bar” app you can list a message with a discount and a countdown on the very top of you store and by creating a banner that specifies that the discount will end on a specific date. You can easily create the banner using online services like

Work with influencers

In our 12 Influencer Marketing Platforms post we made a list of the top influencer marketing platforms so you can easily search and collaborate with influencers. Influencers usually have a high engagement during the holiday seasons. Take this advantage and make partnerships with them. You can use this partnership to promote discounts, increase brand awareness or introduce a new product.

Create holiday gift guides

People like to research before they are purchasing something, this is especially true for gifts. They are looking for gift ideas in gift guides. Make a quick search and find blogs and websites with gift guides in your niche. Contact them and make sure that you product will be listed on their next post. If you don’t find such website, create your own gift guide. You can create it by using Soldigo’s blogging platform.

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