Increase your sales this Black Friday

Increase your sales this Black Friday

Holiday shopping season approaches and the first of them it’s Black Friday. There’s no need to miss out on the most profitable occasion of the year if you take advantage of the below ideas for small businesses. Let’s take a look at our list of Black Friday ideas:

Generate anticipation

By displaying a simple countdown you can you can excite your potential Black Friday customers, but keep in mind that you should create a landing page where you describe what you will offer. This will make the anticipation even more intense.

Flash sale

Prepare in time and create flash sales to create a higher sense of urgency for customers. Deals that rotate hourly will give more excitement and will make you customers to come back later.

Last chance offer

Another Black Friday idea that rely on the sense of urgency is to announce a Last chance sale. With this you can target indecisive customers by offering them an opportunity to by he desired product.

Free gifts

Give a free gift to every customer who orders from your store during Black Friday. This gift can be a complementary product, a discount code for future purchases, etc. The idea is to let your shoppers know that you care about them. In time this will create a loyalty to your brand.

Exclusive product launches

You have a new product? Black Friday is the best opportunity to generate excitement for any new product that you launching. Your loyal customers will love it.


An another idea to boost you Black Friday sales is to include product bundle to excite your customers. Make sure to bundle items that logically go together and the good news is that you can do this with almost any product.

Offer free shipping

Everyone loves free shipping. Offering free shipping, even if you regularly provide it, it’s a smart way to increase your sales.

Use the strategies to make this Black Friday your best sales this year.

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