Instagram brings you instant sales!

Instagram is a very trendy and sought after social networking site and its benefits are obvious: connecting with friends, share pictures and videos of your favourite pastimes and hobbies, chat, comment and like the best posts of your friends, family and the entire Insta-community.
However, Instagram’s potential doesn’t stop there! Use it smartly and see your following grow and your products bought. See how:

  1. The first and most important requirement of an active and alive Instagram profile is posting regularly. Most people post whenever they can take a picture of something really pretty or funny, so that can happen daily or weekly, depending on the situation. Your account, however, should contain interesting and captivating images and videos- in other words attractive content. Posting images of your products is a good first step, but that can go only so far, unless you have an unlimited stock of products created. Diversify your posts by adding pieces of the work process, videos of your go-to tools that you rely on and fragments of the product in becoming.
  2. Time your posts. This includes doing a small scale study to see what day and what time is the best for posting. After a while you will see what type of images get the most likes, what time of the day do people like the most and which day is the most favorable for your Instagram account’s posts. Seeing the most appropriate times to post is bound to happen naturally in time. However, if you have difficulties with it, try the for professional help.
  3. You can also add before and after images, where your followers can clearly see the materials used on the one side and the finite product on the other side. Allow your followers to see into your creative work and show them tricks on how to create those products themselves (without spilling all the beans of your craft, of course).
  4. Show them what inspires you! A deep purple flower, an old building, dry leaves, a billboard, a model walking down the runway, a landscape, inspiration is all around you. Share that with your following and connect with them!
  5. Address direct questions to your followers so they feel included and they will see that their opinions and preferences count. “Red or blue? Which color should I pick for my next earring?” is a great conversation starter and you will be surprised to see just how much people react to you. Let them inspire you and create pieces that they suggest. Hence higher chances of that product being sold.
  6. Use hashtags. But not just any hashtags. Use smart hashtags. The point of hashtags is to facilitate search, so everyone who searches for the term bag, will find your image of your bag with the #bag. Think in terms of search words. What do you type into search engines when looking for something? People do the same on Instagram. You can find an extensive list of popular hashtags here: focus on the top ones and include those into your hashtag list.
  7. Repost other creative people’s posts to diversify your Instagram feed and to promote fellow artists and handcrafters. If you are kind enough to do this, they will return the favor and so you can both benefit from diversity (and kindness). Don’t forget to mention the rightful owner of the post. (you wouldn’t want someone to take credit for a product that you created, now would you?)
  8. Don’t go too crazy with the filters. They are fun when posting New Year’s Eve fireworks or a birthday cake but when posting your products, keep things simple and clean. You want people to actually see the colors and textures of your product.


Biborka Mathe is the Community Manager and Support of Soldigo and she'll be sharing valuable tips and tricks on how to address and convert customers that originates from her 3+ years in project management and customer acquisition. Art lover and foodie at heart, she is passionate about painting, fashion and puppies.

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