Introducing three new payment gateways

Introducing three new payment gateways

As your are use to it our goal is to help you build a business and to quickly launch your own online store built to bring you more sales. In order to do so we are constantly improving our platform by implementing new features that you request. This time we integrated three new payment gateways for your to get easily and securely paid by your customers.


PayU Hub is a single, direct API connection to accepting and optimizing online payments in any global market. Offering access to hundreds of local and global online payment methods while streamlining payment security and leveraging the latest in payment routing and optimization technology, PayU Hub is an all-in-one portal to get the most out of your online payments.
Whether you are a local business, ambitious scale-up, or an established global merchant, PayU Hub is the gateway to maximizing e-commerce revenue while offering customers a smooth and secure online payment experience.

Netopia Payments

Whether you are looking for a payment processor or simply want to add an extra payment method to your store, NETOPIA Payments is the best choice. Leaders on the Romanian market, with over 15 years of experience in electronic payments, NETOPIA Payments offers you the most efficient, competitive and innovative solutions for collecting online and offline transactions.


Unicredit’s modular e-Commerce solution, based on innovation, is created especially for you and your needs. The two modules, eGenius and eGeniusWEB are here to help you grow your business regardless of its type and level. The eGenius e-Commerce module is the solution adapted to your business, easy to integrate with the most used shopping carts and ready to support its sustainable growth.

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