Introducing the Himbaya, Amhara and Yolk themes

Three new themes are available to all Soldigo stores. They use features that enhance the shopping experience. Regardless if your customer prefer to shop from desktop computers or mobile devices, these themes will automatically adjust text and image sizes accordingly.


As you will see in the demonstration store we created a food related shop for this theme. Of course you can use it with all kinds of products apart from food-related ones as well. All you have to do is to use your imagination. With the big curvy banners you can highlight your products and your customer will be able to get exactly what they need, fast.


View demonstration store


This theme is all about big images. You can add big banners and on the product page your customer can view the product images zoomed. So be careful and use quality images to give your customers the perfect viewing and shopping experience.

View demonstration store


Highlight your products in a 360 degree view. By sliding the slider below the product image, your customers can view your product from every angle. Make sure to upload the image in the right order to give the perfect 360 degree view.

View demonstration website

What do you think about these new themes? Don’t think any of the above presented themes would fit your identity and products? Let us know and we are sure we can come up with something clever for Your store as well!


Zoltan Ordog is the Co-Founder of Soldigo and he'll be sharing tips and practices of a smooth Soldigo usage linked to his webdesign experience of over 10+ years. Some of his passions are swimming and spaghetti.

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