Let us get to know the CIRRHOPP shop

The Hungarian Cirrhopprecycle produces accesories and jewelry using non-allergic, re-usable cotton as the primary material. Presenting you the person behind this idea, Kinga Balogh, and her story!

Hi Kinga! Tell us please the story behind your store.

Previously I dealt with second-hand clothes and I wanted to make use of the remaining stock. I’ve been always interested in uncommon solutions  and this is how the idea of the textile jewelry came about.  I started off and improved my jewelry over the years. I am combining different sewing and weaving techniques with my own ideas. I take pictures of my jewelry and I am my own manager.

Is this project your full-time occupation? If not then what do you do?

At the moment this is all I am doing.

Why did you start the company?

In 2012 I signed up for a scholarship posted by the Mediawave Festival. I had a month to come up with a brand and arrange all the conditions for exhibiting and attending fairs with the jewelry. That was a rough period that guided me forward and before I knew, I was in business.

Did you ever regret starting your own business?

I always had a difficult time with jobs that neglected the circumstances, the working rhythm, my logical ideas and aspirations and so it was hard for me to fit in under such regulations- in fact, the only person i could truly represent was myself. All of this led to me taking over my life. Own idea, creation, the discharge of burden of my environment, self-management, photo shooting, selling. Some things work better than others.

What are your plans for the future?

I have many orders from other countries but I would like to target the increase of the market of abroad. I am constantly finding solutions for various online selling techniques. My goal is for my ten-year-old son to see that this is an uneven path, but pure and free. I want to be his guide… A lighthouse.
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