Let’s make a sale. 7 ways to generate sales in your Soldigo store

Generating sales is the primary goal of every online shop, whether it’s a small craft or retail shop or a giant one like Amazon. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to generate and increase your sales. Let’s see them.

1. Generate vouchers

If you are selling online this is a must. Reward your loyal customers or create a special holiday promotion by generating coupons and voucher codes that you can share.

2. Create a contest

Create and run contests easily and engage your followers by offering them giveaways or randomly pick a winner to receive the product that you name as a contest prize

3. Gift vouchers

Create amount based gift vouchers and reward your loyal customers. By using the gift voucher code your customers will purchase your products at a discounted price.

4. Product recommendations

Recommend products for your customers across their shopping journey. With Soldigo you can recommend complementary products, most viewed and purchased products, newest products, and products with discounts.

5. Offer discounts

Create seasonal sales and put your products on sale by providing discounts for specific products or categories.

6. Discount popups

Every visitor costs you money to acquire. Turn them into your potential customers by showing them discount popups. With Soldigo you can create exit-intent popups, time-driven popups, and spending-driven popups.

7. Discount for partners

Generate more sales by offering discounted pricing for your partners. With just a few clicks you can set how much percentage you give on every product.


Hopefully, these tips will help the growth of your store. Let us know if you have any other ideas or tricks!

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