Meet Blans!

Lavender, Goat milk and Chocolate-Mint are just a couple of the amazing soap creations that you can purchase on the Blans web store on Shoptsie. Let’s get to know Blanka and her passion for natural soaps that lead to a blooming and deliciously spicy business.


What is the story behind your store? Tell us how you first started out!

My name is Blanka Gercsényi and I make natural soaps and cosmetics as a full time job, with the help of my husband. It all started in 2007…when I became very interested in soaps after attending an artisan fair where I first saw them. For the next Christmas Fair I prepared my very first 5 soaps (thinking back now, none of them were that good). My husband was always against it, especially when he saw me wearing gloves, with a scarf protecting my face, working in wintertime and stirring the soap on the terrace- he told me to make jewelry and stop with the experimenting. I didn’t want to stop. On the next fair I sold all my soaps in the matter of 2 days, one woman bought 36 soaps as a gift to her colleagues. It felt amazing that she chose my “ugly duckling” soaps as Christmas gifts for her loved ones. I have been attending fairs ever since and my soaps are liked by everyone and they are a huge success. My customers required more and more products, business cards, flyers, websites and then a webshop. We had to meet all these expectations. We started dealing with marketing fairly late because the good product was “marketing itself” but in time we started doing some marketing as this was what our customers expected. The image of the company is very important as well as the presence on the Internet and the shopping options, as we later came to know. All these were “requested” by our customers.


If you could go back and change something about your business, what would it be? Do you ever regret doing your own thing and starting your business?

One thing is for sure, there is no better job than doing what you love and having the freedom to do it when you want to do it! I never regretted starting this soap business, if I hadn’t started it, I would have never known all the beauties and hardships of this industry. I often feel like it wasn’t us directing this business but our customers and we are just trying to keep up with their demands and wishes.

What are your plans for the future? Do you plan on introducing new products?

We plan to introduce trustworthy, healthy natural products that can be accessible to our customers in bio shops as well.

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