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As you know 2020 came and passed unexpectedly fast but hopefully in 2021 life will recover slowly. In this recovery time the Soldigo platform is more important than ever before, so we at Soldigo are working hard to support our online stores and improve our service. Through 2020 we interviewed a lot of customers on what new features they wish to have in Soldigo, what features would make their lives easier, and through 2021 we implemented them. Our team pulled off a great update on our platform taking extra time to show up to build new features and tools. Long story short, in this blog post we would like to let you know what we added to our platform and your shops:

Changes in pricing

We are committed to providing the best quality service to you and if someone has a great idea we won’t stand in their way, we are listening and we are acting on it. To make this happen we had to review our pricing strategy and we had to set the subscription fees as follows:

  • Premium plan will be 19€/month instead of $9 (8€)
  • Pro plan will be 49€/month instead of $29 (24€)

Two new plans introduced

In the past year we had more and more requests from people who are using our platform for selling online but they also wanted to create a presentation website for their other businesses. On the other side we had requests from large corporations who were starting their online businesses and wanted to use Soldigo’s services. As usual, we listened and introduced two new plans: the Basic plan, with which -for only 9€/month- you can create a simple presentation website and the Enterprise plan, starting from 119€/month with unlimited product uploads and a complete solution for online selling for large businesses.

You can purchase features separately

Our existing customers know that every feature, except of the basics, of Soldigo are available as apps. Until today these apps were accessible only if a certain plan was purchased. We at Soldigo want your business and your ideas to soar so we are introducing an easy way to upgrade your store. From now on, you can purchase features/apps separately. For example if you have a Premium plan and you want to use a feature accessible only in the Pro plan you purchase that feature. Easy, huh?

Improved dashboard

Some of you already noticed our brand new version of our store admin, it became redesigned and improved. We know that nobody likes it when a service they use surprises them with a totally new design that they have to learn but trust us it will make your life easier. When redesigning we kept in mind to use familiar elements and listings so it will be easy to get used to this fresh design of the admin. Beside the new design, the Soldigo admin has new improvements like the more detailed dashboard, more detailed and filterable statistics app, etc. Go on and take a look and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to let us know.

Upgrades for all plans

Beside the requested features, we added some bonuses to every single plan. We increased the product count on our Pro plan which now includes 1699 products instead of the previously allowed 999. The multilingual option was available only in our Pro plan but starting from today this feature is available in every plan. Hi! Bună! Szia! It’s now easy to talk confidently to your customers.

Multi-channel e-commerce

Soldigo’s goal is to help small businesses sell online across multiple channels. Until today you had the possibility to sell in your Soldigo online store, on your existing website and on social media. To help you increase your sales even more we introduced a few new e-commerce channels, as follows: Facebook page shop and Instagram profile shop, marketplaces, price comparison platforms, ad management platforms and live videos. You heard well, now you can sell via live videos. But don’t worry we will get back to these in different blog posts to give you more information and insight.

Courier integration

We know that shipping your products to your customers is the favorite part of your day. But we also know that with this joy also comes some stress: what shipping partner should you use? From now on you can choose from multiple shipping providers and your customers will be able to choose the best delivery method of their orders from your online store.

Invoice generation

Up until today, you as a merchant could only see a detailed view of the orders on your Soldigo Dashboard. To issue an invoice, you needed to login into your bookkeeping software. We’re excited to announce that now you can issue invoices directly from Soldigo and save your precious time to do what you love.

New website

We are proud to introduce the all-new as well. When redesigning our website we focused on a mission: Soldigo is more than an online store creator platform. Soldigo is a platform where everybody can start their online journey, can discover new markets where there is a huge demand for their products and they can grow their brand.

For some people these changes may come as a little surprise and perhaps they seem a little confused but we promise that we will go through every feature step by step in different blog posts. Until then let us know in a comment what you think! Your input helps us shape Soldigo to be what it needs to be to meet your every ecommerce need!

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