Meet the Kati’s Handmade decoupage beauties!

Meet Kati and read her story about the world of memory and keepsake boxes, adorable rabbit napkin holders, slate hearts, splendid decoupage creations and more.

What is the story behind your store?

“I am a full time Mum, and I felt that I need to do something for myself. First I learnt to do embroidery, then I finished a sewing course, I learnt the transfer technique, and at least decoupage technique. And I felt in love with the decoupage. “


Why did you decide to start your own business?
“Actually I have a complex business, I decorate wooden items, mostly on commission, and last year in September I opened a small supply store too.
I had a commission for a christening box, and two different suppliers sent me two wrong items. Luckily I had a painted box at home, which I was able to sand and repaint, otherwise I would lost the commission, and disappoint my client.
This is why I started the supply business too.”


Do you have a favourite product at the moment?
“I love to decorate boxes. Keepsake, memory, christening, any type. I love to personalise them. I love to surprise my clients and myself with the outcome:) I never made two identical items.”


What were the challenges you had to face in your business’ early phase? What has kept you motivated?
“My business is in early phase now. It is really hard to sell handmade items. But I love to do what I do, that keeps me going. I will never give up.”

What do you think of the service that Shoptsie offers and what is your general impression of Shoptsie? Would you recommend Shoptsie to others?
“I found Shoptsie accurate, easy to use, and I am very impressed of the owners , always very helpful and punctual.
I recommend it every time to my friends 🙂 ”


You can buy her lovely products in her Shoptsie store, here .


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