New features and improved SEO for your store

We’ve been busy working on cool new features to help you work easily with the Soldigo Dashboard. The first thing you will notice is the option to add a new product and edit your products directly from the designer. Secondly, to help you manage your product stock more efficiently, we introduced the stock unit exchange (SKU). From now on for every product you can add a unique SKU.



The biggest feature that we introduced is the improved search engine optimization. Every Soldigo store has always been built with SEO included and they are mostly ranked very well in search results on Google, Bing, etc. In order to improve the ranking of Soldigo stores we added a few new features based on Google’s recommendations.

Your very own subdomain
Until now every Soldigo store got a type domain name at the registration. For SEO purposes from now on every Soldigo store will get their very own subdomain. A subdomain is an extensions of a domain name and is ideal for ranking and it offers increased chances to appear in search engines. So from now on you can access your store from You may wonder what will happen with your old domain. For a period of time your store will be accessible from both domains. After a while we will let go of the old domain names but don’t worry we will let you know in time.

Now your store has an automatically generated XML sitemap located at (replace “yourstorename” with your store’s subdomain). This is used to tell search engines about all of your store’s products, categories and pages. For now you will need to submit the sitemap to the search engines using services like

Give us your feedback to help us improve Soldigo even further.


Zsolt Mathe is the Founder of Soldigo and he'll be sharing tips on Soldigo usage, strategies and tips for running a successful online shop that he's experienced during his 10+ years in web development. Beside web developing, he is an active volunteer for a number of green organizations and he's passionate about basketball and everything IT.

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