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Instagram has proven its worth and it has made it clear that it is here to stay. And not just because it is undeniably shaping the popular culture but mainly because it is changing and shaping the way we talk about social media marketing.

So, you might as well use it efficiently for your online store and not just for the sake of having an Instagram account. Drive traffic to your Instagram page and gain followers because, ultimately, they will be your potential buyers. Instead of just having social media accounts, have them with a well-defined purpose, message – and more importantly- strategy.

The fastest way to drive traffic to the Instagram account of your ecommerce brand is to use smart hashtags. Hashtags are keywords that facilitate search among the tens of thousands of posts and videos -if not more- that are posted per minute onto Instagram. Think of your products and try to come up with popular hashtags to describe them. Look up a list of the year’s most popular hashtags and see if you could use any of those to describe your products. So, if you sell handmade socks, using #love might be a less fortunate choice than #cozy or #comfy. See what brings the most likes, because that will appeal to the most people, and exposure is exactly what you should be after.

Diversify your posts. Make sure you don’t post just pictures of your products, but also include videos of you creating a product, include images of what inspires you, quotes that inspire your followers, ask them questions to help you get answers, tutorials, blog posts and articles, anything you can think of and it is valuable content to your customers, you need to be posting them.

Post frequently. Online presence makes sense only if you are frequent. So, posting once a week is really not very different from not posting at all. Try to post as often as you can, depending on the time you have, at least three times per week.

Playing with filters is a fun way to be creative, but make sure the filters won’t alter the actual colors or the appearance of your products. Soldigo recommends using mostly filter-free pictures on your feed and adding a few over-the-top boho and creative pictures to spice up the visual stream of images.
Test the waters and see when is the right time to post. When are your followers active? When are you getting most followers and likes? Make tests for a couple of weeks and see what days and what exact time works best for your target audience. Keep in mind the time zone difference as well!

Happy Instagramming!

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