Prepare your store for the 2021 Christmas

As we approach the holiday season people start doing their gift shopping. While everybody gets busy searching for the perfect gift, you should get even busier to prepare your store for Christmas. We wish to give you a hand and so we created a list of practical tips about what you should keep in mind while preparing.

Check last year’s data

You have a lot of knowledge in your pocket. The data you collected during last year’s holidays are invaluable. Analyzing them will give you an idea about what your customers have purchased, what products were popular among your customers and so you can create a good marketing strategy based on this information.

Segment your customers

Using the data mentioned in the point 1, segment your users in different groups and send them different emails or launch advertising campaigns that are perfectly designed for them. You will see that your sales will grow since you know what your customers want.

Recover abandoned carts

There are a lot of customers who don’t finish an order from your store due to a technical issue or simply because they get distracted by a phone call or social media notifications. Using our “Recover abandoned cart” app you can remind them that they have an unfinished order and they should check them. This could lead to increased sales.

Check your store design

Add a nice Christmas banner to your store that attracts shoppers, set up a landing page which is optimized for Christmas or just simply decorate your online store with Christmas themes so your customers will feel the spirit of the holidays. It’s commonly known that during Christmas holidays people tend to spend more on purchases.

Early Christmas offer

Create a special Christmas offer that allows your customers to place orders in advance. This will give you a hint on which products you should have in stock and you can make money to fill up your stock even more for the actual Christmas sales.

Get reviews and testimonials

We know that during holidays everyone is filled up with happiness hormones. Take this opportunity and ask your customers for reviews or testimonials. You will see that 90% of them will be in a positive mindset and you can use these feedback later to showcase them on your online store and boost your credibility.

Create a gift guide

Create a curated list of your products that are suitable for Christmas and group them into categories, for example “Gift for kids”, “Gift for Her”, etc. Take these categories and product lists and create a blog post with them. Reach out to bloggers who are writing about Christmas and pitch them, asking to post your gift guide in their blog. This will lead to an increase traffic and eventually to sales.

We know that the holiday season sales are a little bit of a hectic time for every business but don’t stress out. You know it’s worth it and if you need help just let us know.


Happy Selling to Everyone!

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