Product upload limitation in Soldigo Plans

During this year we have been testing and measuring the number of products of the Soldigo stores. We came to the conclusion that an average Soldigo store doesn’t have more than 500 products uploaded. Taking these into consideration we have decided that we will limit the number of products for every Soldigo plan as follows:

– in the Free plan you will be able to upload 9 products as it is at the moment

– in the Premium plan you will be able to upload 699 products

– in the Marketing plan you will be able to upload 999 products

These update will take effect after the 1st of December 2017 and will help us to improve our service by increasing the loading time of every store created with Soldigo. Please go through your products and take the necessary steps to fit into the above mentioned limitation.


What can you do if you have more than 699 products uploaded and you are using the Premium plan or you have more than 999 products uploaded and your are using the Marketing plan?

– delete those products that are out of stock

– delete those products that have their status set to hidden. You can upload them later.

– merge products with minimal differences. For example if you uploaded the same t-shirt as different products because of the color, you can merge them into one product and add the colors as variations.


If your uploaded product number doesn’t exceed the above mentioned limitations you don’t need to do anything just be aware of this update.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Soldigo Team

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