Shoptsie featured in The Red Ferret

The Red Ferret Journal is an online Tech Magazine that features innovative and creative ideas and people in technology. We are super happy that Shoptsie also had the chance to appear in it. Read the article below:

“Shoptsie – super easy way to sell stuff in your own online store

We’re often asked by friends and strangers how they can set up a quick and easy online store to sell something they’re making or would like to make. Usually there’s no really good answer, except to try a place like Etsy or hire someone to create a simple ecommerce website. But now there’s a rather nice little service which aims to make it so easy to create an online store that even your grandma could do it.

Shoptsie is a very simple service which lets you create an online store in minutes. All you need are some nice images of your products, and a little time to upload and categorize them. The finished store comes with just about everything you’ll need baked in, including payment (you will be able to accept Paypal and credit cards), a free Facebook store which you can embed on your page, a currency converter, coupons and more.

You can choose from around a dozen themes, which are actually all pretty nice, and very functional (let’s face it, you just need the products to look good on the page, right?) and there are also apps you can add to make your site do more. So for instance you can add a language app to let your foreign visitors view the site in their language. There are also social networks, and contest apps, and we guess that more will appear over time.”

The original article was posted on 15 May, 2015 by Nigel
Read the original article in full on the Red Ferret Journal site here:


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