Soldigo 2020 in numbers

As you are used to, we are publishing what happened here at Soldigo in numbers. Last year was a little bit different. Let’s face it, it was a crazy year. Covid-19, lockdown after lockdown, etc. But life doesn’t stop, neither the business life so let’s see a few numbers regarding Soldigo and online stores created with Soldigo.



  • 67% increase in sales by Soldigo stores compared to 2019
  • 200+ blog posts published by Soldigo stores
  • 9 new features made by Soldigo
  • 11 posts published by Soldigo
  • infinite work and fun
  • 1 new office space

We at Soldigo are helping entrepreneurs launch their own online store and taking last year’s economic crisis into consideration we give 60 days free trial period to start. Stay tuned because 2021 will bring new features and updates regarding Soldigo.

Something new is coming!


Biborka Mathe is the Community Manager and Support of Soldigo and she'll be sharing valuable tips and tricks on how to address and convert customers that originates from her 3+ years in project management and customer acquisition. Art lover and foodie at heart, she is passionate about painting, fashion and puppies.

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