The good old flyers

When people think of marketing in general, there is no doubt that online marketing occupies a top position in their minds but let’s not underestimate the good old marketing strategies like distributing flyers.

It may seem like a rather counterproductive practice at first, but really, handing out flyers brings back the face-to-face communication with your potential customers that social media lacks and that is truly a big advantage in getting instant feedback and answering questions on the spot. Instead of choosing sides between old and modern ways of promoting your products and boosting your sales, you should just have the best of both worlds and combine them to an amazing effect.

  • You should start by taking baby steps and create a sample flyer first. Don’t try to include every single information on a tiny piece of paper because it will look crowded and will give the impression that you are trying too hard. Instead, opt for something simple, even playful, mention the name of your Shoptsie store and promote a certain product or a cluster of products that you might want to sell together. You can come up with a short catchy motto or ask a question and then answer it by offering your stuff. (Remember, you are not promoting yourself but you promote your product that answers a necessity or resolves a situation).
  • After you have the design that you are happy with and you have tested it with your friends and asked for feedback, you can go ahead and have it printed in 100 pieces. If you feel distributing 100 is too hard and time-consuming for you then just start with 50 instead of a 100 and see where that gets you. Remember, large numbers offer a clearer understanding of the success of a campaign but on the flip side of the coin, large numbers also add to your expenses. Decide on a number that you are comfortable with and do your thing!
  • Finally, you have to go and knock on people’s doors and give them your flyer. The bigger the number of the flyers is, the more likely that you need to hire a company to hand out all the flyers. Don’t just assume people will react the same way to a piece of paper in their mailbox as they would react to you, so don’t save the time and the conversation! Besides, offline spamming isn’t cute.
  • In the upcoming weeks and months you have the possibility to see the result of your flyer campaign and you can decide if it was worth doing and if you will repeat it. Don’t expect huge numbers, usually 10% is considered amazing result and should make you wanna do another flyer campaign. Change things up and come up with a new concept for the next flyer or another product you want to promote, so people will not end up being fed up with the same thing, show them you are versatile! Changing one thing in your first flyer and using that for the second campaign will help you pinpoint exactly what works and what is a no no for your potential customers. Always change only one thing and pay close attention to what triggers more sales and make the most of it!



Biborka Mathe is the Community Manager and Support of Soldigo and she'll be sharing valuable tips and tricks on how to address and convert customers that originates from her 3+ years in project management and customer acquisition. Art lover and foodie at heart, she is passionate about painting, fashion and puppies.

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