The importance of Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy

Dear Soldigo Store Owners,

In order for your store to function properly, to comply with the legal requirements, to be well-informed and to inform your buyers, you should include some documents to your store that will guide and notify your buyers of their rights and responsibilities. You can easily add those documents by adding pages to your store. These documents also state that under your agreement with Soldigo, you operate as a separate business to your customers.
Each store should prepare their very own Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy. Why? Let’s see.

Terms and Conditions
Are a very important part of your store because that is the so-called contract that you and your buyers both agree to and it states your rights and responsibilities as well as those of your buyers.
In some countries buyers MUST be informed of their rights and responsibilities by the seller.
It is especially important so that the buyers know their rights and responsibilities and they feel safe to make the purchase from you. We strongly suggest and advise you to create it for your store and make sure it complies with the laws and regulations of your country or country of interest where you conduct your selling. The Terms and Conditions should include information on the general terms, orders, fees and prices, shipping, complaint issues etc. among others.

Privacy Policy
This document is also very important for your store because it contains information on how the buyers’ information will be used by you, you being the data controller of their information. You also need to be informed that many countries regulate the holding of personal data to do with an individual which can lead to civil and criminal liability if this data is not handled correctly. Privacy Policy, in fact, is a legal document stating how you collect, disclose and manage your buyer’s data, in order to protect their privacy. This means that all the information that comes in contact with you should be used only until the purchase successfully ends and no longer; and that you should not use your buyers’ information for purposes other than why they disclosed it. This document should also include the Cookie policy, cookies being small files that are being placed on the device upon visiting a website, for the purposes of analysing web traffic.

Refund Policy
Is the third document your shop should contain that serves the purpose of stating your own rules and the country’s regulations when it comes to a buyer asking for a refund for a purchase they made from you. Please keep in mind that buyers demanding refunds will contact you, the seller, and NOT Soldigo, who takes no responsibility for refunds and returns.

Please note that the preparations of the above documents are entirely your responsibility and they should comply with the rules, laws and e-commerce regulations of your country/continent. We suggest you to discuss with a lawyer for further help and guidance.

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