Top FAQ no 1.: What is the benefit of selling online?

Selling online has a number of substantial benefits that we will discuss along the article, so let’s start with the biggest competitive advantage of it all! One of the greatest benefits of selling online is that instead of targeting only local buyers, online targets worldwide. Everyone can be your customer if they find you online. That is great news if you want to grow your brand, your pool of customers along with your sales. Dare to think big! Read our two cents on the local vs online matter and decide for yourself:

Number of customers: Local sales exposes you to a relatively reduced number of potential customers whereas online selling is virtually infinite. This idea is pretty self-explanatory, we believe.

Time of the year: The seasonal weather changes can have a huge impact on the success of fairs, especially outdoor ones, where a sunny day can result in great sales while a muddy, rainy day can keep your potential customers far at home. Local fairs have the tendency to be seasonal depending on occasions, as they are usually organised around certain events or concert and attending them all requires a lot of flexibility on your part.

Establishing interpersonal relationship with your customers: Face-to-face communication results in immediate trust and you can easily bond with people looking at your products and asking you questions about them, so local selling is the better option here. However, you should aim at expanding your brand and getting your message across if you really want to grow, so you can’t beat the numbers!

Comfort: Going to local fairs can be a great chance to reconnect with fellow crafters and be inspired by all the beautiful handcrafted products, but at the same time it can also be very tiring due to travelling and all the packing. Think of all the precious time you could be spending actually creating products instead of packing and arranging. You can save all this time if you opt for an online store and you can keep producing while receiving orders and answering emails or messages.

Marketing and growing your brand: When it comes to growing your brand, the Internet is the place to be. Locally you can use the offline marketing by handing out flyers, posting banners, place your store’s sign in front of your stall etc. These are all great ways to promote yourself but they can reach to a limited number of people. Internet marketing offers you the entire world on a silver platter.

Physical store: If you don’t have an actual physical store where potential buyers can enter and check your products, an online store is the ideal thing for you, giving you the opportunity of making money without having to pay a steep rent.

All in all, we do believe that both types are valuable for building your brand plus developing a personal relationship with your buyers, so for best effect, we suggest you to combine them and achieve high efficiency!


Biborka Mathe is the Community Manager and Support of Soldigo and she'll be sharing valuable tips and tricks on how to address and convert customers that originates from her 3+ years in project management and customer acquisition. Art lover and foodie at heart, she is passionate about painting, fashion and puppies.

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