Turn your social network accounts into automated tools for selling with these new features

Creating an online store with Soldigo is easy as posting on your social networks and your store can be used as a standalone store, it can be embedded into any existing website or blog and it can also be integrated into your Facebook page. Taking these into consideration, you can sell on three channels from one stock. To get even more exposure for your products, Soldigo introduces social commerce which means that you can sell your products on social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. With these, Soldigo reaches 11 selling channels and we are planning to introduce new ones in the future.

Selling on Instagram

By default, on Instagram you don’t have the possibility to sell your products but with Soldigo’s “Shoppable Instagram” feature you can turn your Instagram profile into an online store and your Instagram followers into customers. Using the “Comment selling on Instagram” option your followers can buy your products directly from your Instagram profile by commenting on your photos.

How it works:
– install the “Shoppable Instagram” Soldigo app
– beside the #usesoldigo hashtag add a price tag: #price:X and the product title tag as well: #title:the-product-title when you share a photo using your Instagram
– in a post comment ask your followers to comment with their email addresses and the #wantit hashtag to buy a product.
– your followers will receive a secure checkout link right to their email inboxes to finish the transaction when commenting on your Instagram post.

The good news is that using the #usesoldigo, #price, and #title hashtags when you are sharing on Instagram the product will be automatically uploaded in your Soldigo store as well. In order to achieve this first of all you will need to allow the “Product upload via Instagram” option in the “Shoppable Instagram” app. It’s easy and you can use the Instagram filters to create stunning image about your products.

Watch the video below to see the “Shoppable Instagram” in action:

Selling on Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr

Soldigo automatically creates an optimized pin and tweet for your every product, that includes the product photo, the price, the description and the most relevant hashtags created from the product keywords. When your Pinterest, Twitter or Tumblr follower clicks on one of your optimized posts, he/she will be automatically redirected to the checkout page to finalize the purchase. The basic idea is to ease the process of buying products through social networks by skipping three steps on the purchase process: visiting the product page, adding the product to the shopping cart and going to the checkout page.



Do a favor for your business, develop your brand and enhance the online presence of your products. By selling on social networks, your products can reach more than tens, even hundreds of millions of potential customers and buyers. Discover new markets where there is a huge demand for your products.


Zsolt Mathe is the Founder of Soldigo and he'll be sharing tips on Soldigo usage, strategies and tips for running a successful online shop that he's experienced during his 10+ years in web development. Beside web developing, he is an active volunteer for a number of green organizations and he's passionate about basketball and everything IT.

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