Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips

From the point of view of sale Valentine’s Day is one of the most important holidays of the year, besides Christmas and Black Friday. Let’s take a look at some Valentine’s Day marketing tips that you can use to boost your sales.

Send Valentine’s Day-themed emails

The easiest way to generate sales on Valentine’s Day is by reminding your loyal customers of the upcoming holiday via email. Create your marketing campaign, use a catchy subject, and don’t forget to include your products in the message as well. Schedule the campaign emails for a least one week before Valentine’s Day.

Create time-sensitive offers

Customers are urged to make a purchase if they have limited time. Create time-sensitive offers with our HelloBar app and don’t forget to include a promotion on your offer.

Team up with another business

Search for other businesses that have products that complement yours and vice versa. Team up with them and create gift sets together. You can reach more buyers since you are selling in two online stores already.

Partner with an influencer

Reach out to an influencer and partner up with them to create Valentine’s Day promotion together. This way you reach a wider audience in your niche. On our “How to search for influencers” post you can find the solution on how to find the right influencer with whom you should partner with.

Host a contest on your social media

Simply post a photo of a product and on the description tell them to like the photo and tag a friend in the comment to whom they would like to offer the product on the picture. This will increase your followers since most of the tagged friends will enter the contest themselves.

Last-minute sales

Think of those who didn’t find the right gift on time. Create a page with products at a minimum price as last-minute gifts. Make sure that you can ship the orders in time and promote the create page across your social media.

Create a gift guide blog post

Write a blog post (For example 7 best Valentine’s Day gifts) on which you include a list of your products with a short description of why the product should be gifted for Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to include a photo of the product and a link to your store.

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