What and how should you sell online?

What should I sell online? is a very valid question and contrary to popular belief, not everything can be sold online. Well, not with the same success-rate anyway. Some products appeal to online customers more and others not at all, so make sure you know what sells and bring your products closer to these trends. Some of the things that are hard to sell are some specially delicate items.
Think about cakes, flowers, dairy products. The shelf life of these products is fairly limited, so that’s that. Unless you create products for orders, it can be tough to juggle expiry dates and shipping deadlines. And those details shouldn’t keep you from sending your products off to their new homes.Keep in mind, it is not about selling the right products, it is about selling right!

Read our tips on perfecting your approach to online sales:

Find what is trendy: you might think your products are your products and you won’t compromise their look or feel to make them more appealing for the sake of a passing fad. And we think you shouldn’t! However, there are certain features to your products that can be presented in a more favorable light. It is not about giving up your integrity, but about finding new meaning for the same product. Creativity can take you a long way in reinventing yourself!

Research the competition: ignoring they are out there does nothing for you. If anything, it keeps you in the dark and guessing. Try a different approach and think of all the things you can learn from people who have already done it. Be open and objective, this is not about comparing yourself to others, it is a learning process.

Find popular hashtags that go well with your products but also reflect the trend of our time. Flip through Instagram and see the hashtags under similar products. Do they relate to your products? Do you like them? Walk in the online world with your eyes open and you can learn a great deal about tags and about the thought processes that result is catchy hashtags that attract visitors and therefore buyers.


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