What are price comparison websites?

What are price comparison websites?

Comparison shopping websites are online search engines that allow visitors to compare pricing of products of multiple retailers on a single webpage and to identify the best deal.


For you as online store owner is a valuable tool to help you identify your competitor and check the fluctuation of prices in your niche. They offer you a big opportunity to showcase your product in front of a lot interested buyers who have already made the decision to buy and they are looking for the lowest price.

How do price comparison websites work?

If you never used a price comparison site before, you may be thinking what is the catch? Well, there is no catch. The aim of these websites is to collect and show prices of different products in different niches and categories. Usually you can upload your products manually or via a product feed and you will pay click per view.

Reasons for using comparison sites

  1. More conversions

A potential customer may come to your site from a comparison site after they find your product, the price and your brand. Make sure to list your products on a comparison site with a discount or a message that catch the visitor attention.

2. Discover competition prices

Comparison website allows you to analyze the competitive products one the post. You can search similar products that you are selling and you can discover your competitors giving you an overview of the market.

3. Check out the ratings and reviews

Some of these comparison website also allows visitors to leave a ratings and reviews. By observing the ratings and reviews posted about your products you can find out which products are rated most highly.

4. Find the most popular products

Most of the comparison website tend to highlight the most popular products in every category or niche. By spotting these popular products you can ensure you stock the correct products and sell them at a competitive price.


If you are new to in the e-commerce world price comparison website are a very effective way for your go-to-market strategy and if you are already a player in the e-commerce industry listing your product in these website can help you grow your sales and stay ahead of your competitors.

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