Why you should verify your site ownership

Site ownership verification is about proving for various online platforms that you are the owner of a website or an online store. Usually, it is required to be able to access special services or to gain extra priviledges. Most of the bigger online services like Google, Facebook, Pinterest, or Bing requires site owner verification.

Google Site Verification

You need to confirm ownership because once you are verified for a property, you have access to its Google Search data, and can affect its presence on Google Search. You can verify your ownership of a site by adding a <meta> tag to your site. To verify ownership with an HTML tag, choose the HTML tag method on the verification details page for your site and follow the instructions shown.


Bing Verify Ownership of Your Website

By proving to Bing that you own your online store you will gain access to reports like Search Performance, Site Impressions, and Clicks, SEO reports, etc. You can verify your site with Meta tag authentication by adding a <meta> tag with your custom ownership verification code to your online store.


Pinterest claim your website

Claim your website to get access to analytics for the Pins you publish from your site, the analytics on Pins that other people create from your site, and let people know where they can find more of your content. You have to add an HTML tag to your online store so Pinterest can confirm that you own the website you want to claim.


Facebook domain verification

Domain Verification provides a way for you to claim ownership of your domain in Business Manager. This ownership allows you to control editing privileges of your links and other content to prevent misuse of your domain and to keep bad actors from spreading misinformation. To confirm domain ownership you can add a meta tag to the online store. The Meta Tag Verification tab of your selected domain provides the meta tag you need.


Now that you get your meta tag for the verification go to the “Site owner verification” Soldigo app and paste them for the chosen platform. It’s as easy as 1,2,3.


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