Your very own online store from your Etsy listings

Being one of the one million Etsy sellers, your store is more likely to disappear into the ocean of shops with the same look. You have the right to have your own brand. No, you don’t need to quit selling on Etsy. Instead you can use Soldigo to showcase your Etsy shop listings in a fully branded, professional online store and sell on on multiple channels:
– on your Soldigo online store that works perfectly on smartphones as well
– on your existing website or blog
– on your social network like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr


Read our “Turn your social network accounts into automated tools for selling with these new features” article in order to learn more about Soldigo’s social commerce.

How it work:
– Create a Soldigo store
– Choose one of our professionally designed, easily customizable themes. Your brand, your way.
– Connect your Etsy account with your Soldigo store and import your listings.

Watch the video below to see the in action:


It’s easy like 1,2,3 and you can import your products at anytime with a single click. Additional you can create pages, you can create your blog and using our marketing toolset you can boost your sales. Don’t believe us?



What are you waiting for?


Zsolt Mathe is the Founder of Soldigo and he'll be sharing tips on Soldigo usage, strategies and tips for running a successful online shop that he's experienced during his 10+ years in web development. Beside web developing, he is an active volunteer for a number of green organizations and he's passionate about basketball and everything IT.

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