All the features you need

Soldigo provides you with everything you'll need to create your online store and start selling

Customizable store

Professional themes
Choose one from our professionally designed, responsive and easily customizable themes. You can customize the layout, the logo, the colors and the content of your store. You have total control so you can change your theme as many times as you like.

Sell on any device
Your Soldigo online store will adjust to different screen sizes and devices. Your customers can buy your products using any desktop computer, smartphone or tablet.

Your own domain name
Every Soldigo store has a domain name. If you have your own domain name that you already bought, you can connect it to your Soldigo store. This way your Soldigo store will be accessible from instead of If you don't have you can purchase a domain name here.


Inventory management
Manage how many items you have of each product on your Soldigo store. When a product inventory runs out, Soldigo will automatically set the product status as "Out of stock".

By using the categories you can facilitate the product filtering on your store. Add as many categories and subcategories as you wish.

Multiple images
Show your product from different angles by uploading multiple images. You can upload up to 6 images for every product.

Digital products
You customers will receive an email with a downloadable link of your digital product upon confirmation of the payment.

Product options/variations
Add different options and variations to your products such as multiple sizes, colors, etc. You can set the inventory and the price for every variation.

Sales channels

Reach more than 1 billion customers and grow your business. Turn your Facebook page into a sales channel. Learn more

Turn your Instagram profile into an online store and your Instagram followers into customers. Learn more

Turn your Twitter profile into an online store and your followers into customers. Learn more

Imagine your Pinterest profile as an online store, your pins as products and your followers as your customers. Learn more

Turn your Tumblr page into an online store and let your followers purchase your products. Learn more

Reach your customers no matter where they are. Send them shoppable message via Viber. Learn more

Transform your Whatsapp conversations into sales leads. Learn more

Store widget
Embed your Soldigo store into your website and blog and sell on multiple platforms. Learn more

Buy Now Button
Add a Buy Now Button to any site or blog. Customize the text and colors to match your style. Learn more

Embed Product
Soldigo generates an embed code for your products to add them to your blog or site. Learn more

Payment methods

Cash payments
Allow your customer to pay with cash. You can choose from cash on delivery or bank transfer payment methods.

Connect your PayPal account with your Soldigo store. Offering PayPal as a payment option can increase sales.

Accept credit card payments
You can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Soldigo supports the leading payment solutions like 2Checkout, PayFast. More are coming soon.

No transaction fees
Some ecommerce platforms charge up to 2% or more as transaction fees. We don't. It's your money, you keep it. The payment processors like PayPal or 2Checkout, however, still charge their fees to you.

Shipping options

Add as many shipping alternatives as you wish. Soldigo will automatically add the shipping fees at the checkout.

Where to ship
You can select to ship worldwide or you can select the countries where you wish to ship your products to.

Flat shipping rate
You can charge one standard price for all purchases made in your store with this specific shipping option.

Weight based shipping rate
This option calculates the shipping fees based on the total weight of all products in the order. For this, you need to set up the weight ranges and add weight for every product in your store.

Free local pick-up
Allows your buyers to pick up their order themselves from a given address. Meet and engage with your customers and keep the face-to-face connection alive.

Marketing and SEO

Search engine optimized
Soldigo supports the best SEO practices like search-friendly themes, optimized URLs, automatic sitemaps.

Discount codes and coupons
Reward your loyal customers or create a special holiday promotion by generating discount codes that you can share with your fans. Your customers will purchase the product at a lower price by using the code they received from you.

Contest and giveaways
Create and run contests easily and engage your followers by offering them giveaways or randomly pick a winner to receive your product that you name as contest prize.

Social media integration
Connect your Soldigo store with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram or Pinterest.

Free shipping
Increase sales with free shipping. Offering free shipping is a proven way to decrease cart abandonment.

Facebook store
Reach billions of customers. Bring your Soldigo store to your Facebook page by adding a "Shop now" tab.

Recover abandoned carts
Win back buyers by sending reminder emails to customers who abandoned their carts. This allows them the opportunity to return to your store to finish the order.

Back In stock
Don’t lose sales because the product your customers wish to buy is sold out. Back in stock gives your customers the possibility to sign up for a back in stock email alert.

On Sale
Create seasonal sales and put your products on sale by providing discounts for a specific category. You can add fixed-price sales. Your customers will purchase your product at a lower price.

Offer your customers the possibility to subscribe to your Mailchimp newsletter, either on your store or during the checkout process.

Saved carts
You shouldn’t lose customers who are in a hurry or who are hesitating to buy your products. Allow them to browse in their own pace and give them the possibility to save the content of their cart and purchase later.

Product Review
Increase your sales and your store traffic by collecting ratings and reviews from your customers. Using this application, your customers have the chance to rate and review your products.

Password protection
Password protect your store and share the information only with your colleagues and partners. The app is perfect if you wish to restrict visitor’s access to your store.

Product recommendations
Recommend products for your buyers across their shopping journey. You can recommend: complementary products, most viewed and purchased products, products on the "no result" page via search and newest product and products with discount.

Create photo galleries, showcase your products and drive more sales to your store or just simply create a lookbook, your possibilities are endless.

Create your blog and share your story. Producing quality content on your blog will help you rank your store on search engines and it is also valuable content that you can share on your social media.

SEO Manager allows you to customize your main page meta tags, insert the Google Search Console, Google Remarketing and Facebook Pixel codes.


Make fast decisions by accessing a quick view of your latest sales and most purchased products directly on your dashboard.

Analyze your store's growth, track your visitors and the number of visits per month. See which are the most viewed products and which product is selling the best.

Google analytics
Connect your Soldigo store with the popular analytic tool powered by Google.

Sell globally

Multilingual store
Let your customers browse your store in their language and add the languages you wish your Soldigo store to be translated into.

Accept payments in any currency
The integrations with global payment providers like 2Checkout or PayPal will allow you to transact in your currency.

Real time currency converter
Offer your customers the possibility to see prices in the currency they are familiar with. Soldigo will automatically convert your prices in real time.

Ship worldwide
Get customers from all around the world. Set the shipping alternative for worldwide shipping.

Web hosting

Unlimited bandwidth
No worries, you will never be charged based on the number of visits of your Soldigo store

Instant upgrades
You will benefit of the latest Soldigo upgrades without paying any additional penny.

24/7 monitoring
Sit back and relax. Soldigo will make sure that your website is always up and running.

Get support

Support team
The Soldigo support team is always here to help you. All you need to do is tell us what we can help you with.

Help center
Find all the answers you need. Browse our well documented knowledge base.

Blog and free e-books
Learn how to start and grow your online business. Browse our blog that is dedicated for you and download our free e-books. You will get tips on how to acquire your first buyer and how to increase your sales through social media.

Free tools
Free tools to help your set up and run your online business. Find the right name for your business with our Business Name Generator, generate your Soldigo store's QR code or resize and crop your images easily.

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