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Change the look of your store

Once you’ve uploaded your products, you’ve organized them in categories and you’ve added the desired pages, you can customize the look and feel of your store. You can do this by accessing the Designer menu on your Soldigo dashboard. Accessing the tool will automatically place you in Design Mode.


Manage Categories

Add as many categories as you like. To add a new category, fill in the form on the left. If you want to modify a category simply click the pencil icon. To delete a category click the trash icon. To rearrange the order and the place of your categories use the Menu Editor.


Manage Orders

Clicking on an order will display all the details of the order, including information about the buyer, the number of the order, date of the order, a list of the ordered products with their prices and the total amount of the order. You can set the status of the order as Shipped, Paid or Cancelled and you can Print the order. In case you set the status as Shipped you can decide if you wish to send a notification to the buyer.


How will I receive money from my buyers?

The ultimate point of having an online store is to give you the freedom to sell worldwide without the trouble of attending every handcrafter’s fairs, exhibitions or local handcrafters markets. This also implies that you will receive money from your buyers, some of them you will never meet in person. So how exactly can you receive money from your buyers? Let’s find out!

First of all, you need to set the currency for your Shoptsie store. Based on the currency you chose you will get a list of available payment methods.

Cash on delivery: this basically means that you will receive cash money and the buyer pays when the order arrives at their doorstep. Some advantages of this payment method include increased store credibility and buyer doesn’t need to have credit card or online payment accounts.

Bank transfer: your customers have the possibility to transfer you the price of the ordered products either by using their online banking or physically going to the bank and transferring the money to your bank account.

PayPal Payment: your buyers can transfer you the money via PayPal.
Connect your PayPal account with your Shoptsie store. Shoptsie uses Payments Standard so your customers will be redirected to PayPal’s site in order to complete their purchase. You need a valid PayPal Premier or Business to receive payment. PayPal fees apply.

Credit Card: your buyers can pay you by using their credit cards. At the moment Soldigo supports the following payment gateways: PayFast, VSC, 2Checkout. More to follow. Suggest what other payment gateways you would like to see.