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Store widget

Add an e-commerce widget to your existing website or blog. The integration is very simple. It’s as easy as embedding a YouTube video into a website. You can do that by using our Store widget app. First of all you will need to install the app.




Adding your store to your website
To integrate Soldigo into your site or blog just copy and paste the code snippet wherever you want your store to appear. It’s that simple.

Customize the store widget
You can customize the appearance of your widget to look like your website or blog. Use the Colorpicker to choose the colors. You can customize the following elements: text color, link color, button background and text color.

Remove the store widget
To remove the store widget from you existing website or blog just simply delete the embedded code.


  • Embed your store with a simple copy and paste move
  • It’s as easy as embedding a Youtube video
  • Be accessible on multiple platforms simultaneously
  • Make the most of your blog and website
  • Real time update of product inventory


Facebook store

Reach billions of customers. Bring your Soldigo store to your Facebook page by adding a Shop now tab. You can do that by using our Facebook Store app. First of all you will need to install the app.




Adding your store to your Facebook page
In order to add your Soldigo store to your Facebook page first of all you need to be logged into Facebook. Then, click the Add to store Facebook button and follow the instructions.

The look of your Facebook store complies with the look of Facebook.

Removing your store from your Facebook page
Only you can remove your Soldigo Store from your Facebook Page. To learn how click here.


  • Sell to your followers and also reach billions of customers
  • Use Facebook to generate sales
  • Bring your Soldigo store to your Facebook page by adding a Shop now tab
  • Increase traffic by selling on multiple platforms simultaneously
  • Real time update of product inventory



The app enables your customers to create wishlist without registration and the wishlist is kept 90 days on your customers device. It is easy to use and the wishlist can be created with a single click by installing the app.







  • Customers can create wishlist without registration
  • Helps to increase your sales
  • You can track how many times a product was added to a wishlist




Some people prefer shop by brand. Add your product to brands and help your buyers to find what they are looking for faster. Having your products added to brands is optional but some sales channels may require a brand name in order to list your products on their marketplace.  You can add as many brands as you wish. Beside the title for every uploaded brand you can add an image as well.



To edit or delete a brand use the icons on the Manage column on the brand list. To add a product to a brand simply select the desired brand when uploading editing a product.





  • Helps filtering products
  • Helps your conversion rate
  • Helps adding your product to popular marketplaces


Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager offers simple, yet powerful tag management solutions to help small businesses and large enterprises launch programs faster. Add and update your own tags for conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more. To implement Google Tag Manager add the container snippets below. For more information about the Google Tag Manager codes click here.




In order to remove the code from your store just simply delete the application.


  • Free to use
  • Easily update website tags
  • Quickly deploy Google and third-party tags
  • Help customers find you

Site owner verification

Verification is the process of proving that you own the site or app that you claim to own. You can confirm verification for Google, Bing and Pinterest.



Google Search Console
Google needs to confirm ownership because once you are verified for a site or app you have access to its private Google Search data, and can affect how Google Search crawls it.

Bing Webmaster Tools
If Bing Webmaster Tools is able to verify your site, you will see your site information begin to populate.

Pinterest Webmaster Tools
Confirming that you own your website adds your profile picture to any Pin that came from your site. You’ll also get access to website analytics so you can see what people are saving from your website.


  • Free to use
  • Increase your search engine traffic
  • Get more customers
  • Increase sales


Google Remarketing

Remarketing lets you show ads to people who’ve visited your online store. When people leave your website without buying anything, for example, remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices. Tag your site for Google remarketing. Install the app and copy the google remarketing tag. For more information about the AdWords remarketing click here. Make sure to include the following tag parameters: ecomm_prodid, ecomm_pagetype, ecomm_totalvalue.




In order to remove the code from your store just simply delete the application.


  • Access to people when they’re likely to buy
  • Lists focused on your advertising
  • Large-scale reach
  • Campaign statistics
  • Help customers find you

Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel makes conversion tracking, optimization and remarketing easier than ever. You will be able to see how successful your ad is, you can remarket to everyone who visits your site, or just to people who visit specific pages, etc. Install the app and tnsert the Facebook Pixel code. For more information about the Facebook Pixel please click here. By adding the Facebook Pixel code the “AddToCart” and “Purchase” events will be added automatically. In order to remove the code from your store just simply delete the application.




How the Facebook pixel works:
When someone visits your website and takes an action (for example, buying something), the Facebook pixel is triggered and reports this action. This way, you’ll know when a customer took an action after seeing your Facebook advert. You’ll also be able to reach this customer again by using a Custom Audience. Read more

Google Analytics

Google Analytics not only allows you to measure sales and conversions, but also provides a current picture of how your store is used by visitors, how they arrived and how to make them return. The Ecommerce reports allow you to analyze purchase activity on your site or app. You can see product and transaction information, average order value, ecommerce conversion rate, time to purchase, and other data.




To connect you store to Google Analytics add your tracking ID. o find the tracking ID of your Google Analytics account click here. By adding your Google Analytics tracking ID the Enhanced Ecommerce events will be automatically added. These will give you insight into shopping activity: product page views, adding products to shopping carts, initiated, abandoned, and completed transactions.




On the Statistics you can view a brief Google Analytics statistics of your store. For a details view please log in to your Analytics account.


  • Understand your store’s visitors on a whole new level
  • Make smarter marketing decisions
  • Reports can be segmented and filtered to reflect the needs of your business
  • It’s free



Showcase your Etsy shop listings in a customized, fully branded, professional online store. To import your Etsy listings to your Soldigo store or to add your Soldigo products to your Etsy listings please connect your Soldigo store with your Etsy account. After the connection you will be redirected to your Soldigo product listing page.




Your current Etsy listings will be automatically imported into your Soldigo store. To import your future listings click the Synchronize button. To upload your Soldigo products to your Etsy listings simply switch the “Etsy” toggle to “Yes” when uploading a product.





  • Your brand, your way
  • Your Etsy store on Facebook
  • Sell on Instagram
  • Marketing tools to increase your sales