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Tumblr – Sell to the youngsters

Tumblr is a very popular social media platform where you can search for, share and reblog pictures, videos, music, comment on the post of others, follow and like (with a heart symbol) the pages that you admire and have a lot of fun with creating visual content.

Tumblr is mainly used by youngsters aged up to 35-ish so make sure you know your crowd: tune in to their vibe and capture their attention by being trendy and cool and promote your products by catering to their needs.

Given the chance, Tumblr can combine the useful with the pleasant. The essence of Tumblr is a lot like that of Instagram, to impress your followers with the greatest pictures possible. This same feature can be used not just to showcase beautiful images that come together into an impressive collage of creativity but to market your products as well.

Steps to get down to business and market your products by blogging on Tumblr:

1. First of all, sign up to Tumblr and choose a theme that feels right to you and that resonates with the feel of your Shoptsie web shop. You can get super creative, play with colors and shades and try more themes to see what works best for you. You can upload your logo and you have an overall great freedom to shape the looks of your blog, feel free to come up with an innovative name that doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as your shop’s name.

2. After you have the catchy name and the best look, start blogging your posts. You have a variety of options: text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio, video.  Make sure you mix things up and post a variety of these to create diversity so your followers will be drawn to something new and exciting instead of watching videos all the time.

3. Give many words title to your post that includes your product’s name so you can climb higher on the search engine results. This usually happens based on the description/caption of the picture as well as based on the hashtags you use so make time to fill out those small sections every time you post.

4. Be brave and use hashtags. Similarly to Instagram, Tumblr allows users to search through its content and so the screening results in related posts. Be smart about your choice of tags and make sure your products pop up even when least expected. For example you run an art supply shop and you post a picture of a particular oil paint set. The tags you might use could include #oilpaint, #artsupply #brushes #titaniumwhite #lemongreen #cadmiumyellow #squirrelhair #primedlinenpanel etc. These tags attract not only people interested in art and potential customers but your products will be seen and potentially reposted by users who might be interested in make up brushes, nail polish colors, animals or lemons as well, however, never be intentionally misleading with your tags, it’s pointless and adds nothing to the table. With hashtags, again, moderation is key, we recommend 10 tags tops and you’re good to go.

Please keep in mind that social media in all its beauty is a powerful tool that is intended for fun but can and should be used for marketing purposes and once you understand the extent of exposure these platforms bring you should do yourself a favor and get on board.

LinkedIn – Promotion beyond Facebook

Similarly to Facebook, LinkedIn is also a social network, except here you are not searching for friends but establish business relations. The bigger your network of contacts, the more the indirect sales.

How to build your network of contacts:

  • After signing into your LinkedIn account, choose the “Add connections” menu on the top right side of the screen. This option searches among your given e-mail addresses and makes  suggestions for you to get in contact with
  • For sure you have received cards from friends and partners. It is time to look these up and add  each of them
  • You can meet business partners in your daily routine as well. If you manage to establish good  business relations, get in touch with them
  • Search for and join LinkedIn groups that mirror your business interest. It is very important to  avoid spamming. If you share information that this group does not tolerate, there is a high  chance they will ban you from the group. Make comments on the group activities systematically,  show them that you are good at what you do and with time this group will lead to business  result.

Let’s see exactly what information you should share:

  • Share your products.
  • Spend a bit of time searching for content that you find useful for the people in your contacts  network. These can come from various sources, like web pages or blogs.
  • In case you are also writing a blog or online documentation about your products, make sure to  share this from time to time.

It is extremely important to contact people who you have a real connection with. Don’t waste your time on people who have just recently joined and haven’t signed in for months.

You don’t have a LinkedIn account yet? Join!

Instagram – Promote through beautifull photos

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms today. From celebrities to stores to nail salons to teens, everyone’s in so why should you miss out on all the fun?

The great thing about Instagram is that it is a simplified platform where basically you can share, like, tag and comment on your pictures and on those of others, similar to Facebook.The filters offered by the Instagram help you set the tone and mood for your pictures so you can create quite a varied gallery of a colourful palette.   Just like its name suggests, everything happens instantly and in an instance! It is super easy to use and it can generate great sales for your online store created with Shoptsie. If you don’t have an Instagram account just yet, download the Instagram app and join the Insta community.

Tips on how to boost your Instagram presence:

  1. For the love of God, do not share boring pictures that are very alike! Crop, adjust, color, filter, there are so many tools to be creative! Let your imagination loose and take pictures of your products that have a positive vibe to them!
  2. Use #hashtags. The art of using # may seem complicated but it’s really about pointing out tags that will help your existing and future customers to find your products. Don’t just use them for the sake of using them, be strategic. For instance you are a shoe seller and post a picture of a high-heeled women’s shoe. The hashtags you might want to use should be somewhere around the lines of: #boots #heels #redsoles #leather #snakeskin #fashion #footwear. Don’t overuse them, 6-8 appropriate hashtags will do the tricks, no need to go overboard.
  3. Since you cannot add a link under the picture, only in the bio section, you could be adding the link of your shop directly onto your picture, this way everyone will know and remember your store and they might start from one product but once they visit your store, chances are they will buy more than one product.
  4. Motivate your followers to buy by making promotional sale campaigns, use discount codes that you can add either in the description or again, directly onto the picture. Shoptsie offers a great discount code application solution that can be perfectly aligned with this.
  5. Be consistent about how often you post. If you decide to post twice a day then stick to it. Some stores manage to post every hour, some post three times a week. Find the tempo that works for you and pay attention to your followers, if they drop like flies, you either lost their interest by posting too rarely or you scare them away with a post every half an hour.
  6. Another great way of promoting your store and increase the number of followers is to make a contest. Create a contest theme, choose a product, find a #hashtag that goes well with the product, and start posting. For example, you represent your clothing store. Holidays are around the corner, so choose a pair of gloves, name the contest Christmas Giveaway Contest and create a related hashtag like #iwantthosegloves. You can appoint the lucky winner among those who follow you, who like your post, and use the hashtag under your post.
  7. Announce a long-term discount project. Tell your buyers to post pictures on Instagram wearing/showcasing your product and mentioning you in the description and in hashtags and they will get a 15% discount when purchasing the next item from your store

Pinterest – How to market with interesting pins

When it comes to selling online many people tend to overlook Pinterest, but they shouldn’t. Pinterest is a social media where you can upload the pictures of your products and add a short caption that may include either a description of the product or your link to your website or even both.

Pinterest users can directly access your store by clicking on the picture/ link underneath and can purchase it.

Pinterest is a great visual social media platform where you can do the marketing of your products as well as selling online along with rapidly increasing your pool of customers. The essence of Pinterest lies in its ability to appeal to the visual nature of people and that is truly something to consider when aiming at generating online sales. Needles to say, the products’ pictures are key here since that is the main focus of the platform itself as well as of the visitors and potential customers.

Make sure to have a Pinterest account asap and start selling away!

Ways of using Pinterest that will benefit you

  1. after creating a Pinterest account, make sure to upload quality pictures of your products that are both interesting and varied to capture the attention of pinners. For reference on how to take good pictures that do your products justice please see the link here.
  2. there is a Pinterest button already installed on your Shoptsie store so Pinners can pin your products unto Pinterest. This is a great way of fast growth and your products will branch out reaching people from all walks of Pinterest.
  3. Pinterest allows you to categorise your pictures into boards that you can name. Be smart about the naming process and think in specific themes like gifts, holidays, accessories, bags, tools, colors, purposes, etc. This labelling divides the pictures into separate boards allowing pinners to be specific about their search rather than just browsing through everything without aim.
  4. you may also dedicate a special board to your customers who can pin something they might want to see and buy from you, giving you ideas and inspiration and creating a bonding experience that will bring you closer to them.
  5. don’t forget to mention the price of the item in the picture, you can edit the picture beforehand and post it with the price on it already, or you may simply use the description space to write the price and currency and your store contact
  6. don’t be scared to use hashtags as this makes search easier and more modern
  7. make a special contest where you invite your pinners to make a board using your products and promote it and you can reward the lucky winner by sending them one of your products of choice

Twitter – Promote your store in 140 characters

Twitter is a social network and micro blog- service,  that enables its users to share short posts or send each other messages (as unedited text of 140 characters length).

The posts or “tweets” appear on the profile of the user but can instantly be seen by those who follow  the user. The users can set if their posts can be seen only by the circle of friends or everyone (by default). Twitter is a very effective tool for online sales. We can increase the turnover of our web shop with little time and effort invested.

The setting up of your Twitter account

Profile picture
Use your company logo as your Twitter profile picture. It is essential that your Twitter profile reflects the feel and vibe of your other online appearance.

Your bio (introduction)
This is the perfect place for introducing your company. Be brief and telling.

Web page
Always insert your Shoptsie web shop link into your Twitter bio.

Background picture
You can make use of the background picture in various ways. You can upload a picture showcasing one of your products or a picture with your contact details.

How to sell on Twitter

For salespeople, one of the most outstanding feature of Twitter is the real-time search.  By performing a  simple search you can see the users’ posts in real time and so you can increase your number of sales. For instance, if you are selling shoes, type in the “sport shoes” into the search and you will see who is currently speaking of sport shoes. With a little research you can find out who is looking to buy shoes.

You follow these users and start a conversation with them:

  • Offer them discounts
  • Send them the link to your products
  • If they have already bought from you, ask for their feedback and opinion

Tweet on a regular basis

Being present on Twitter is truly effective only if you are an active user, meaning that you tweet  regularly. You can perform this by using your search engine with or the Twitter mobile app. If you don’t have the time to post daily, you have other solution that will help you prepare numerous tweets in advance, that will be posted on given dates . such solutions are Buffer and Postify, for example.

What should you share

Share your products the same way you share them on Facebook. It is ok even if you share the same product multiple times, but what is important is to mention the Shoptsie link of you product every time. Besides you products you can also share news regarding your company or blog posts. Ask your Twitter followers questions concerning your products and observe their replies. If there was an article published in the newspaper about your business or an event you attended, share that as well.

Use #hashtags

Always use hashtag in your posts. The hashtag is a word or a phrase written together where the first letter is preceded by the # sign. The hashtag is non-intelligent, does not recognize the number of letters you wanted to use, therefore only the expressions written together with hashtag will be interpreted accordingly.  If you write “#sport shoe”, the search hashtag will only be “#sport”. If you want the entire phrase to appear in the hashtag then use the “#sportshoe” phrase. Using hashtag enables users to find your post faster as well as your products displayed in your post.

Do not spam!

Whatever you do, do not spam! Just because one user has mentioned your products in a post, does not  automatically mean you need to send them a message. The real-time search-based-selling should be used in moderation, only from time to time, otherwise Twitter might interpret it as spamming.

Youtube – How will videos help you sell more

The site deals with the estimation of the traffic and the ranking of the websites and it lists YouTube on the third place (source: Keeping this in mind, YouTube is a powerful tool that helps increase traffic and sells on your Shoptsie online store.

How will a YouTube video help me sell my products?

1. One of the biggest advantages of YouTube is that the uploaded videos appear on Google as well as among the YouTube search and these same videos can also be embedded into the description of your web shop as well.

2. Show your products. Make a video showcasing a product you would like to promote, but when uploading the video, please keep the following in mind:

  • The title of the video- can be the name of the product. If the title will not be the name of the product, be careful and find a title made up of keywords that will facilitate finding the video.
  • Make reference to the web address of the product- very important to mention the web address reference of the product presented. This helps visitors find your products and also aids the search optimization.
  • Labels- you can use the labels given when uploading the product. If you choose not to use these, it is very important to choose labels that describe your product.
  • Reference embedded into the video- at the end of the video presenting the product, make sure the name of your web shop appears and so if the visitors won’t read the description of the video, they will still find your web shop.

Now that you know what type of content you should share on YouTube, let us see how you can produce these videos.

Online video editors:

Desktop video editors

To get started uploading videos on YouTube, follow the steps below

  1. Sign into YouTube. If you don’t have Youtube account create one.
  2. Click the Upload button at the top of the page.
  3. Before you start uploading the video you can chose the video privacy settings.
  4. Select the video you’d like to upload from your computer.
  5. As the video is uploading you can edit both the basic information and the advanced settings of the video.
  6. Click Publish to finish uploading a public video to YouTube.
  7. If you haven’t clicked Publish, your video won’t be viewable by other people. You can always publish your video at a later time in your Video Manager.

Once the upload is completed Youtube will send you an email to notify you that your video is done uploading and processing. You can then forward that email to friends or family for easy sharing.

Facebook – social network as an advertisement platform

One of the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways of selling online is by using the power of Facebook. Facebook is not only a fun interface for connecting with your friends and colleagues but also a powerful marketing weapon. There are three ways you can have your products become popular on Facebook: on your personal profile, on the profile of your business or brandand on Facebook Groups.

On your personal profile
Sharing your products on your Facebook profile can be very efficient. Focus on the quality rather than the quantity of the pictures but also be productive. Share at least one product per day and don’t forget to ask for your friends’ opinion. These feedbacks can help you a great deal in perfecting your products. Besides sharing your products, ask your acquaintances and your friends and see their responses.  For instance, if you are selling personalized T-shirts, ask the question: „What color T-shirt would you guys wear?”. Based on the answers, you can decide which is the most popular color choice regarding T-shirts among your friends and you will know what to recommend them in the future. If the written media has published an article about your business or about an event  that you attended, share those articles as well, so that your friends can see you are active and committed to the future of your business.

Once a month or once every other month share the story of your business, how you first started out, what made you start something like that, the difficulties you had to face. The fact that these posts are repetitive is not a problem, important is for your friends to see that you are active and open about your business.

On the profile of your business or brand
Before we discuss the information you should share, you need to know that your shared posts will be visible only to those who have „Liked” the Facebook page of your brand or your business, meaning only those who have given their permission to receive advertisements.  There are over 1 billion registered Facebook users, so your target audience is quite vast and with one Facebook Ad you can easily find them.  The information you shared on your personal profile can be shared on the Facebook profile of your business as well, but a more efficient way of selling is sharing posts that are not specifically related to the buying of a certain product.

When sharing your products, don’t necessarily use pictures of that exact product rather use pictures that portray the ideal buyer while using2the product. For instance, if you are selling sports shoes, share a picture of a sportsman running. This picture inspires and motivates the sports fans and facilitates the selling of the product.

Organize contests where participants can win one of your products. This is a fun way to get your followers interested and to promote yourself. Contests are not just a good way of selling but they are also an easy way to address those who have liked your page and to gather new customers. For example, organize a contest where participants have to name one of your new products and the winner will get the actual product as the prize.Offer one of your products on a special discount for a couple of weeks among those who have liked your business profile. The sharing of the ideal picture, organizing contests and the creating and sharing of discounts all contribute to making your products popular while increasing your sales

On Facebook groups
Before selling anything, first we have to find and we have to know our buyers. Search and join those Facebook Groups where your potential customers may be present. See the activity and the comments of the members. Pay attention and learn. One of the best things about social media is that customers are more open when expressing their intentions. Having all these information in your hands, as soon as the occasion arises, offer your products to your potential customers.