Discount popup

Every visitor costs you money to acquire. Turn them into your potential customers by showing them discount popups. In order to use the app first of all you have to install it. You can add as many discount popups as you wish. To add a new Discount popup click the “Add new Discount popup” button.


Add the title of the popup and select the type of the popup. You can choose for the following types:

– Exit intent popups
When the visitor moves their cursor to leave the page, the popup is shown to them, offering a deal that’s difficult to refuse, this way retaining the potential customer.

– Time-driven popups
When a visitor has spent a certain amount of time on your store, you can safely assume that they’re interested in what they see. You can use that knowledge to show them a popup with a deal they can’t refuse.

– Spending-driven popups
When a visitor spent a certain amount of money a popup is shown to them with a notification with a possible deal. When the spending reaches an another amount a new popup is shown with an unmissable deal.

Select the products for which you wish to add the popup and choose a discount to finish the creation of the popup. In order to use to create discount popups you need to have at least one discount created. In order to use to create discount popups  you need to have at least one discount created. In order to edit or delete a discount popup use the icon in the Manage column on the popup list.


  • Turn visitors into customers
  • Offer deals difficult to refuse
  • Convert abandoning customers
  • Avoid site abandonment
  • Increase sales