Facebook – social network as an advertisement platform

One of the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways of selling online is by using the power of Facebook. Facebook is not only a fun interface for connecting with your friends and colleagues but also a powerful marketing weapon. There are three ways you can have your products become popular on Facebook: on your personal profile, on the profile of your business or brandand on Facebook Groups.

On your personal profile
Sharing your products on your Facebook profile can be very efficient. Focus on the quality rather than the quantity of the pictures but also be productive. Share at least one product per day and don’t forget to ask for your friends’ opinion. These feedbacks can help you a great deal in perfecting your products. Besides sharing your products, ask your acquaintances and your friends and see their responses. For instance, if you are selling personalized T-shirts, ask the question: „What color T-shirt would you guys wear?”. Based on the answers, you can decide which is the most popular color choice regarding T-shirts among your friends and you will know what to recommend them in the future. If the written media has published an article about your business or about an event that you attended, share those articles as well, so that your friends can see you are active and committed to the future of your business.
Once a month or once every other month share the story of your business, how you first started out, what made you start something like that, the difficulties you had to face. The fact that these posts are repetitive is not a problem, important is for your friends to see that you are active and open about your business.

On the profile of your business or brand

Before we discuss the information you should share, you need to know that your shared posts will be visible only to those who have „Liked” the Facebook page of your brand or your business, meaning only those who have given their permission to receive advertisements.  There are over 1 billion registered Facebook users, so your target audience is quite vast and with one Facebook Ad you can easily find them.  The information you shared on your personal profile can be shared on the Facebook profile of your business as well, but a more efficient way of selling is sharing posts that are not specifically related to the buying of a certain product.When sharing your products, don’t necessarily use pictures of that exact product rather use pictures that portray the ideal buyer while using2the product. For instance, if you are selling sports shoes, share a picture of a sportsman running. This picture inspires and motivates the sports fans and facilitates the selling of the product.

Organize contests where participants can win one of your products. This is a fun way to get your followers interested and to promote yourself. Contests are not just a good way of selling but they are also an easy way to address those who have liked your page and to gather new customers. For example, organize a contest where participants have to name one of your new products and the winner will get the actual product as the prize.Offer one of your products on a special discount for a couple of weeks among those who have liked your business profile. The sharing of the ideal picture, organizing contests and the creating and sharing of discounts all contribute to making your products popular while increasing your sales

On Facebook groups
Before selling anything, first we have to find and we have to know our buyers. Search and join those Facebook Groups where your potential customers may be present. See the activity and the comments of the members. Pay attention and learn. One of the best things about social media is that customers are more open when expressing their intentions. Having all these information in your hands, as soon as the occasion arises, offer your products to your potential customers.