How to get your first buyer part 1 – Friends and family

Finding the first person to sell to may seem like such an overwhelming thing to do, especially if you don’t know where to start and how to go about it.

That is one great reason why you should always start promoting your products to your friends and family first. These are the people that already know you and you could easily turn these contacts into successfully making your first sale. Don’t shy away from this opportunity thinking that they aren’t real customers, because they are! You need to understand that unlike the new potential customers, your friends and family have already developed a sense of trust in you and you could make the most of it by presenting your products to them and since you know them, you know who might use which of your products, so go for it! Think of your friends list on Facebook, they already know you and trust you, so they might as well be your first customers. Same thing applies to your email contacts list. Browse through the friends and family that you are in touch with and you presume might be interested in your products and send them messages. Asking never hurt anybody.

This is a great way to spread your brand since they will tell other people about your products, they will recommend your Shoptsie shop and they will talk about how pretty and useful your products are, and most importantly, by bringing this information to their immediate circle of friends, colleagues etc. they are contributing to the increase of your chances for further sales, your credibility and your visibility as well.

Having your relatives and closest friends buy your products offers you valuable information on the demographics of who you are really targeting. Whenever someone is interested in your products, make a mental note on their age and gender since these clues will do you a great favor in the long run of selling. You can use this information to initiate further promotion campaigns that are more target- specific and therefore will likely be more successful.

Selling to your family and friends comes with multiple benefits and they are also very quick to recommend your products so use this to your advantage and promote your brand by having them write testimonials about your products and shop. These testimonials are incredibly valuable and you can use them on your site, next to your products and this will instill trust towards your brand. However, don’t go overboard with these testimonials and their feedback, since they know you and love you, they will feel compelled to always give you positive feedback and praise your work and products and this subjectivity doesn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with the reality check you need from time to time to make actual improvements that are necessary to grow and prosper. Everyone has the natural tendency to want to be loved and accepted but in this case an objective opinion gives you a clear image of who you are targeting, who your products are for, and who you shouldn’t waste advertising money on. Thank the haters for telling you the right direction!