How to get your first buyer part 2 – Email

Marketing your brand and promoting your products to increase your sales is no rocket science but there are some steps you might want to follow when putting yourself out there for the world to see. One of these steps should involve emails and email marketing and although people tend to overlook the importance of it, it is a powerful marketing strategy.

Start your own newsletter. Attracting and keeping potential customers once you created an email newsletter seems a bit of a struggle since there are so many newsletters out there that people are fed up with them. This is why you need to make sure to be different in your approach.

Offer an incentive. People love benefits and they love knowing that they’re getting something for free so make sure you offer an incentive that is both useful and valuable. You should offer them content of value that they can download for free once they subscribe or for instance you can offer a $3 discount for every new subscriber, so you’re not only increasing your mailing list and your subscribers but you are also enabling increased sales. Regardless of what your products are, you can always offer a free sample or a snippet of your books, your music, your photography or your earrings.

Try to find people who are willing to share their newsletter space with you or have you featured in their newsletter. You can also think in terms of collaboration so for example if your products are purses, find someone who sells shoes and so you could promote your products together.

Email your friends and family. Needless to say, they already know you and trust the product you are promoting so it is very likely that they will be your very first customers. Once they bought your product and they are happy with it, they continue branding it for you by telling other people about it and recommending it further and having this type of referral is really priceless for your Shoptsie store.

As a bonus, make sure you have a signature in your e-mails and mention the name of your Shoptsie webshop to increase awareness and spread the word. You never know who might become interested in your products by seeing your signature.

After gathering a certain increasing number of subscribers you have to make sure you don’t neglect them. Keep in touch with them. The last thing you want is to have subscribers forget about you and unsubscribe especially after you invested this much time and energy into finding them. Send them emails on a regular basis featuring relevant content you are writing or news about you or inform them about the newest products, updates, discounts, send them links, follow up and ask them how they liked the incentive etc. Keep in mind that they respond to valuable content, not just any content, so make sure you produce that along with a diverse presentation to capture their attention and not only to retain them but also to have them buy your products.