How to get your first buyer part 3 – Blogging

Blogging can be a very convenient way of self-promotion, there are practically no costs and the only trick is to create relevant and evergreen content that will appeal to your existing and your potential customers for years to come.

Make sure you invest the creative time and energy, do your research and put out content that is truly valuable and awesome.

Stay away from boring topics. If you struggle to write the blog post, that is a good indication that people will struggle reading it. Make it detailed, enjoyable, practical and keep it smart and brief, nobody will have the time to read page after page of long sentences with no true meaning. The “How to” type of posts are sure to bring a lot of attention, since they usually provide a clear set of instructions on how to use or when to use a certain product, so use that recipe as often as you can.

Don’t neglect the importance of a good title. If it isn’t compelling or interesting, your readers will never make it past the title. Pay attention to how you use words to capture attention, and remember, you are writing for them, not for yourself.

Your style of writing should be friendly and informal. Imagine that the people you are writing to are sitting right in front of you, so touch a tone that is approachable and your readers will find your post interesting and relatable.

Use quality pictures in your posts. Keep in mind that people are visual, so a picture will capture and keep their attention and a blog post that has pictures in it has a higher chance of actually being read than the ones that are just text.

Be systematic about your blogging. You should be able to produce relevant content that is both useful and creative on a regular basis and the results will pop up in no time, so consistency is key.

Use your blog to keep in touch with your followers, readers and customers and show them aspects of your personal life as well so they have a face or a story they can relate to. Be human and friendly. That goes over so much better and establishes instant connection.

After you posted to your blog, never miss to share it onto your other social media accounts. That will obviously increase the chance of new people finding it and starting to follow you and that will eventually lead to a boost in your sales. Spread the word!

Keep an eye on forums and conversations that take place in certain groups on social media. Whenever someone needs information or help, share the link of your blog as a reply comment and offer to help them in case they have further questions. For example you have liked a Facebook group that gathers mothers and one of them asks where she could find quality diapers. If you happen to sell diapers, feel free to share the link of your store or of your blog post that is relevant to this question. Remember, you are not selling but rather solving a problem or a necessity.

Guest blog:

Try to guest-post on other people’s blogs or have them share the link that directs to your blog on their social media. Find blogs that have a great number of followers and that are updated often. The more links that lead back to you, the better, and it will increase trust towards you. When you guest post, mention your information as well in the form of a signature, so people can easily find you afterwards.

Approach blogs that are related to your field or domain since they are the most likely to accept guest posts on the topic that they also promote, plus the audience is also field-specific. Make a list of blogs where you would love to post and keep a record of who you already sent an email to and who is still to be approached. The more people you email, the higher the chances of being accepted for guest blogging.

Guest blogging is an amazing way of increasing your customers and many people will gladly give you a shoutout or give you a hand and don’t forget to reciprocate when someone asks you for the same favor.