How to get your first buyer part 5 – Social Media

Social media is extremely important when trying to get your message across and getting your products “out there”. Creating profiles on existing social media in itself is not enough, so follow these 9 go-to tips and make the most of it to benefit your online store and your selling experience.

  • First of all, reserve your brand’s name on every social media possible, I’m talking about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Ello etc. This helps your following to locate you everywhere online and if you think about it, there is really no point in building your brand unless you are consistent. Make sure they are all the same.
  • Cross-reference to your other social media accounts and reach a wider audience. If you tweet about one of your products, include a direct link where they can purchase it from (use to shorten the URL, and so you have more space left for product description or a caption). Images always catch the eye, so including a product image into your tweets is a must.
  • Since all social media has a huge community, an individual post can easily get lost in the whirlwind of post after post. To avoid this, post the same thing multiple times, from time to time. Make sure your niche audience can actually see what you are trying to communicate to them.
  • Whenever someone asks you a question, or comments a question under one of your posts, make sure to reply promptly. They don’t have the time to wait for you and they will move on to another page where they do get their answers and fast. The easiest way is to set all your social media accounts onto your phone, so you get a notification instantly. Remember, the faster, the better.
  • Try and think with the head of your buyers and create content that they are interested in. Why should they buy your bag? What is their benefit in that? Always emphasize a feature that they will find attractive and convincing (, not you).
  • Online presence is truly efficient only if you are frequent. Posting twice a month is really worse than not posting at all because your followers tend to forget about you while they focus on other shop’s posts that are “in their faces’ all the time. Test what works best for you and your following and if you lose them slowly, you either need to step up your posting game, or -on the contrary- slow down, no one needs 6 posts every day. Three times a week should be a good start.
  • If you don’t have the time to spend hours in from of the computer worrying about your posts, use and schedule your posts in advance. Whenever you have some free time, produce the content you wish to post and just set the date and time. Now you can sit back and work on your products rather than worrying about posts and frequency.
  • Be relevant and incorporate timely events into your posts, besides Christmas and New Year’s Eve, don’t forget about St Patrick’s Day, No Shave November etc. Show your followers that you care and that you are in tune of what’s going on.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions from your followers, you will be surprised to see how active and involved they are and you will find great tips from them. Connect and share is the best policy.